Tuesday, February 2, 2016

MEEK MILL I GOT $68,000 ON MY WRIST But I May Not Be Allowed to Wear It

0201-meek-mill-rolex-MAIN-INSTAGRAM-01Meek Mill dropped $68,000 over the weekend on a Rolex ... which might become an antique before he's able to wear it, because they don't allow fancy watches in the slammer.
Meek bought the piece from Joe the Jeweler aka "Shyne." It's a custom-made Presidential Rolex with 23 carats of white round diamonds. 
Here's the problem ... Meek has a hearing Friday in his probation violation case. You'll recall he left the state of Pennsylvania without permission. There are also allegations he tried to cheat a drug test. The judge could send Meek to prison for the violation.
Meek might need a fortified safety deposit box for his collection.