Thursday, September 29, 2016

New Details Emerge On Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt's Reported 'Heated, Screaming' Fights About How To Raise Their Kids!

brad pitt angelina jolie constant fights about kids
Their poor kids.
While fans may've been shocked at Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce decision, it seems the twosome have been at odds over how to raise their children for a while.
As you may recall, the Jolie-Pitts often traveled the globe together hopping from one luxurious residence to the next. We mean, Miz Jolie herself once said she wanted her kiddos to have a "global" life. Anywho, Pitt had reportedly become discontented with the migratory lifestyle.
At one point, the Fight Club actor wished to enroll his little ones into a school in New Orleans whereas Angie wanted to homeschool their brood so they could travel. Back in 2009, a source dished to Us Weekly:
"Brad wants them to have a normal upbringing and worries that they'll come out spoiled, elitist and not grounded. But Angie feels they should be ‘children of the world.' They argue about it all the time: heated, screaming fights."
Eek. However, this tension may explain why the 52-year-old became the stricter parent. A Jolie pal recently told the magazine:
"[He] became a big yeller. And she would not tolerate him yelling at the kids. There were a few times Angie said she was terrified."
Oh man. Nonetheless, conflicting reports on the Allied actor's temperament paint him more as stern rather than abusive. Another insider relayed:
"When he raises his voice and yells at the kids, it's almost comical. He's not one of those guys with a temper. He's not a drill sergeant."
The insider went onto reveal that Brad would often play with the kids but would be strict with them about cleaning up after themselves. The confidant added:

Hundreds Injured, At Least 1 Dead As New Jersey Train Crashes Into Hoboken Station At High Speed

no title
A train accident at Hoboken Station early Thursday morning has left hundreds injured, and details only seem to be getting worse.1
According to eyewitness and first responder reports, the New Jersey commuter train ran full speed into the Hoboken terminal and off the tracks at around 8:38 a.m. EST after failing to brake, seriously injuring the engineer as well as passengers.
Unfortunately, the crash caused the station's roof to collapse as well, potentially injuring other commuters as well.
It's currently unclear whether this was an operator or system error, but officials do not believe this was a deliberate attack of any kind.
While initial reports suggested a "mass casualty response" from EMS, only one fatality has been confirmed as of yet.
See the shocking photos of the scene (below):

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Madonna's teen daughter poses topless on Snapchat (pics)


Madonna's 19 year old daughter Lourdes shared some topless photos of herself on her snatchat yesterday. See the photos after the cut...

Fulani Herdsmen who kidnapped Catholic Priest in Enugu demand for N2.5 million ransom

Some Catholic priests were attacked by Fulani Herdsmen in Enugu State on Sept 26th, (Read here). According to reports, the priests Rev Fr Chetanna Jude Chukwuneke, Fr Emmanuel Dim and Fr Prof Ezeokana were in a car passing along Obimo in Uzo-Uwani when the suspected herdsmen emerged from a bush in a bad spot of the road, and attacked. While Fr Chukwuenke and Fr Prof Ezeokana escaped, Fr Emmaniuel Dim was abducted. A 2.5 million Naira ransom has now been demanded before he is released.

This was revealed today by the Director of Communications at the Nnewi Catholic Diocese, Rev. Fr. Hygi Aghaulor. According to him, the kidnappers of Rev. Fr. Dim - the Rector of Fr. Tansi Major Seminary in Onitsha, Anambra, have demanded a ransom for his release. Aghaulor confirmed that Dim was kidnapped around 7 p.m while the three catholic priests were returning from Nsukka to Onitsha and Nnewi.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference has however directed that no ransom be paid. Aghaulor requested that Nigerians join hands to pray the priest's release.
“We call on people of goodwill to continue to pray for the immediate release of the Vincentian priest. We are tempted to wonder if Nigeria is on the verge of collapse. All over the country, women are being raped and intimidated, innocent Nigerians are being slaughtered,’’ Aghaulor said.

pictures of young Matalan couple 'stabbed to death' outside shopping centre after finishing nightshift

Lee and Zoe had struck up a romance while working at the store near St David's Shopping Centre

These are the first pictures of the young couple who were allegedly stabbed to deathon one of Britain's busiest high streets in the early hours of today.
Zoe Morgan, 21, and Lee Simmons, 34, who both worked for Matalan, were found dead outside the store on Queen Street in Cardiff, Wales, shortly before 6am.
The pair, who had been dating for less than four months, were reportedly killed in a knife attack as they left work together after finishing their overnight shifts.
Police say the 20-year-old suspect is believed to have been known to them.
Zoe, a window dresser for Matalan, and Lee, a shop assistant, had struck up a romance while working at the store near the popular St David's Shopping Centre.

Police shoot dead dad as he tried to stab man who 'raped his eight-year-old daughter' at migrant camp

Iraqi father shot dead after he tried to stab an asylum seeker accused of raping his daughter
A father has been shot dead by police in a Germany migrant camp after trying to stab a man accused of raping his eight-year-old daughter.
Police were in the process of arresting the 27-year-old suspect when the girl's enraged father allegedly came running at him with a knife shouting: "You will not survive this".
Eyewitnesses say the man was then shot at more than once by officers and he died inhospital a short while later, where he was identified as the girl's 29-year-old father, from Iraq.
The alleged incident happened at an asylum centre in the German capital of Berlin while the alleged rapist from Pakistan was being taken to a patrol car in handcuffs.
He was handed over to a detention centre following the shooting .
According to local media, a special unit that deals with sexual crimes will investigate if the alleged rape of the eight-year-old really happened.

Typhoon Megi Kills at Least 5, Injures Hundreds in China, Taiwan

After Taiwan suffered a direct blow from Typhoon Megi, which has killed at least five people and injured hundreds, China's Fujian province was swamped by heavy rains that left widespread flooding.
The storm was also responsible for several collapsed structures in the Chinese town of Quanzhou, where one person was killed, the China News Service said. Megi prompted school closures and dozens of flight cancellations in Quanzhou Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.
Of the four confirmed deaths in Taiwan, three were from falls and one was blamed on a truck crash, Taiwan Central Emergency Operations Center spokesman Lee Wei-sen told the AP.
More than 600 people were injured – many of which were caused by flying debris – during the storm, the AP reported. Among those hurt were eight Japanese tourists who were inside a bus that overturned, the report added. One of those touristsremains in critical condition, according to the Straits Times.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016


A lot of people around the world drink coffee immediately after they awaken. And we all love those sunny days, once we can hang out inside the garden or inside the closest coffee shop and drink coffee with these friends. Well yes, you‘re absolutely right, when it comes to drinking coffee. It’s very beneficial and helpful for the human body, but – you shouldn’t drink it on empty stomach, especially in the morning.

First, you need to know that by drinking a cup of black coffee, with an empty stomach – early each morning, will increase the amount of hydrochloric acid within your digestive tract. Well, this means that if you suffer from gastritis, then you’ve probably felt this. This hydrochloric acid is really harmful to the food with your stomach. So, when you eat something heavy, this acid can cause some digestive problems, because it might cause a

difficult digestion of proteins. So when protein isn’t fully decomposed and absorbed, it may lead with other digestive issues, for example : bloating, inflammation from the bowel, irritation and might cause a colon cancer.

Art scion, 46, weds billionaire's daughter, 23, in $5m French Riviera fete with 'White House-level security' and guests including Heidi Klum, the Olsens, Princess Bea and groomsman Owen Wilson

They do: Alberto Mugrabi, 46, and Colby Jordan, 23, were married over the weekend (above)
It was a wedding weekend to remember for two enormously wealthy heirs and 600 of their equally rich and famous friends in the South of France. 
Alberto Mugrabi, the 46-year-old son of Israeli industrialist and art collector Jose Mugrabi, said 'I do' to 23-year-old Colby Jordan, the daughter of 68-year-old billionaire Chicago business mogul John W. Jordan II. 
As for the venue, the groom, who goes by 'Tiko,'  and his half-his-age bride went with the very posh Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes.
For the $5million wedding the couple rented out the entire property, though the guests did have to pay for their own rooms. 
The guest list included supermodels Karlie Kloss and Heidi Klum, the Olsen twins, Princess Beatrice (who was Kloss' wedding date), and Owen Wilson - who was one of Mugrabi's groomsman. 
In addition to the wedding day at Eden Roc guests also enjoyed a welcome dinner at the seafood restaurant TETOU on Thursday and a reharsal dinner held at a private estate on Friday.

Redman was spotted smoking (photos)

Rapper Redman was spotted smoking a huge blunt during his performance at the Boston Freedom Rally over the weekend. Can't he overdose on that? Lol...

Rob Kardashian TWEETS Kylie Jenner's number as he blasts family for not inviting Blac Chyna to bash

If you thought the Kardashian-Jenners and Blac Chyna had buried the hatchet, think again.
A furious Rob Kardashian appeared to post sister Kylie Jenner's mobile number on Twitter on Monday night.
At first, fans thought the reality star had been hacked, but he then revealed his family hadn't invited fiancee Blac Chyna to the baby shower they had planned for him.
"Kylie's #," he wrote alongside a 10-digit number, before adding, "I ain't hacked either this is rob dog lol."
Rob tweets Kylie's number
Rob tweets Kylie's number
The 29-year-old then posted the number again before fuming: "Didn't invite the Mother of my child to a baby shower you all were trying to throw for me? You all must have lost your damn minds."

Hillary Clinton was the clear winner of first presidential debate

Image result for presidential debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off on Monday in the first of three presidential debates before Election Day on November 8.

Despite featuring two of the least liked candidates in modern history, the 90-minute debate was expected to draw a record number of viewers across multiple networks, including NBC, CNN, and Fox.

Monday night's showdown, moderated by NBC's Lester Holt from Hofstra University in Long Island, was divided into six 15-minute segments, though the segments often went over the time allotment.

The topics were "America's Direction" (the state of the union), "Achieving Prosperity" (the economy), and "Securing America" (national security and foreign policy).

Monday, September 26, 2016

Angela Davis: ‘There is an unbroken line of police violence in the US that takes us all the way back to the days of slavery’

Angela Davis, 1974.
There is an unbroken line of police violence in the United States that takes us all the way back to the days of slavery, the aftermath of slavery, the development of the Ku Klux Klan,” says Angela Davis. “There is so much history of this racist violence that simply to bring one person to justice is not going to disturb the whole racist edifice.”
I had asked the professor, activist, feminist and revolutionary, the woman whom Richard Nixon called a terrorist and whom Ronald Reagan tried to fire as a professor, if she was angered by the failure of a grand jury to indict a white police officer for shooting dead an unarmed black man, Michael Brown, in Ferguson, Missouri earlier this year. “The problem with always pursuing the individual perpetrator in all of the many cases that involve police violence,” the 70-year-old replies, “is that one reinvents the wheel each time and it cannot possibly begin to reduce racist police violence. Which is not to say that individual perpetrators should not be held accountable – they should.”
We’re talking at the Friends Meeting House in London before a memorial service to her friend and colleague Stuart Hall, the black British cultural studies theorist and sociologist, who died in February. It was Hall, she tells me, as much as her mentor, the German Jewish philosopher Herbert Marcuse, who made her think about the structural issues in any given political struggle.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Miami Marlins star pitcher Jose Fernandez killed in boating accident

Jose Fernandez of the Miami Marlins delivering a pitch against the Mets in New York in August.
The Miami Marlins said on Sunday that Jose Fernandez, one of Major League Baseball’s best pitchers, was killed in a boating accident in Miami Beach.
“The Miami Marlins organization is devastated by the tragic loss of José Fernández. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this very difficult time,” the team said in a statement.
Fernandez, 24, was one of three who died in the boating accident, officials said at a Sunday morning news conference.
“He was a pillar to our community,” said Lorenzo Veloz, a spokesman for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. “He was involved in everything that he could be to give back. It’s a great loss, a tragic loss.”

The simple strategy one man used to save enough money to retire at 30

Mr. Money Mustache Headshot

In 2005, Peter Adeney — better known as Mr. Money Mustache — retired at 30 years old.
Leading up to retirement, Adeney and his wife, Simi, both software engineers, stashed two-thirds of their combined $134,000 take-home pay in savings. After just 10 years in the workforce, the couple had accrued about $600,000 in investments and paid off a house worth $200,000, Adeney told Nick Paumgarten of The New Yorker, giving them a solid cushion to retire on.
It wasn’t an easy road to financial independence, but Mr. Money Mustache reached his goal by adopting a simple strategy that anyone can put into practice: Incorporate challenges into your routine.

Angelina Jolie gets a new home for her and her kids

According to TMZ, recently separated Angelina Jolie has already found a new place for herself and her six kids. She got a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom Malibu estate near water. She and Brad Pitt separated recently after 12 years together.

Gareth Bale protected by armed police as his fiancee's glamour model cousin 'disappears with a suitcase containing £1million in cash, drugs and watches amid a feud with a drugs gang'

Gareth Bale, pictured with fiancee Emma Rhys-Jones, had armed guards posted outside his hotel room in Spain last night after his soon-to-be-wife's family was attacked in what appears to be a feud with a drugs gang over a 'missing suitcase of cash, drugs and watches' that disappeared alongside her glamour model cousin Epiphany Dring, right
Armed police have been stationed outside Gareth Bale’s hotel room in Spain after a spate of arson attacks against his fiancee’s family.
Cars belonging to the grandparents and aunt of Emma Rhys-Jones have been torched while petrol was poured through another aunt’s home in north Wales.
It is understood to be part of a feud with a drugs gang after Miss Rhys-Jones’ cousin Epiphany Dring – a former glamour model – disappeared allegedly carrying a suitcase full of £300,000 in cash, plus drugs and watches believed to make the full contents worth around £1million.

Authorities arrest man responsible for Washington Mall shooting that left 5 people dead

After an overnight manhunt, police have arrested the young man responsible for the shooting that left five people dead at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington. According to reports, Turkish immigrant Arcan Cetin, 20, is suspected of killing four women and a man on Friday night.

The suspect was apprehended by police 30 miles from the scene of the crime in what was described as a 'zombie-like state'. Cetin, allegedly opened fire in the make-up department of Macy's in Burlington's Cascade Mall, killing four women and one man.

Everything we know about Snapchat's new camera glasses, Spectacles

Snap Spectacles
Snapchat isn't just an app anymore.
On Friday the company officially renamed itself to Snap Inc. and announced a pair of camera-equipped sunglasses called Spectacles.
After Business Insider obtained and published a video of the glasses in action, Snap officially announced the news in The Wall Street Journal.
Snap has been secretly working on these glasses for years, dating back to its acquisition of a small startup called Vergence Labs in 2014.
Sources close to the company say CEO Evan Spiegel and cofounder Bobby Murphy have been closely involved in making the glasses with a small, top-secret team known internally as Snap Labs.
We don't know everything about how Snap's Spectacles will work, and the company isn't saying when they will be available besides "this fall." But here's what we do know so far: 

Is this the biggest snake ever? Construction workers discover 10m anaconda on a Brazilian building site

Constructions workers in Brazil were surprised to discover a giant anaconda on the site

A giant snake measuring 33-feet long has been discovered on a building site in northern Brazil.
The enormous reptile weighing 400kg was found by construction workers following an explosion in a cave in Altamira, Pará. 
Footage filmed by one of the workers shows the snake's gigantic body, which measures one metre in diameter.
The enormous reptile weighing 400kg was found by construction workers following an explosion in a cave in Altamira, ParáMany users left comments criticising the workers' for chaining the snake
The enormous reptile weighing 400kg was found by construction workers following an explosion in a cave in Altamira, Pará 
A video shows the anaconda was chained to a crane and later lifted up to reveal its yellow spotted belly. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

US launches blistering attack on Russia, blames country for aid convoy attack & asks Russia to halt flights in Syria

The United states Secretary of State John Kerry launched a blistering attack on Russia for its actions in Syria, blaming Russia for the recent bombing of a UN aid convoy that killed 12 aid workers and destroyed 18 of 31 Syrian Red Crescent trucks carrying UN-provided food and has asked Russia to halt all flights in the region and also force Syria to halt all its airstrikes against terrorist groups.
“I believe that to restore credibility to the process we must move forward to try to immediately ground all aircraft flying in those key areas in order to de-escalate the situation and to give a chance for humanitarian assistance to flow unimpeded. 
I listened to my colleague from Russia and I sort of felt like we're in a parallel universe here. Kerry said at the presence of his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov at a United Nations meeting on Wednesday"
 Kerry said of their differing accounts of the conflict. He called for all planes in key areas of Syria to be immediately grounded and for countries to stop supporting those who sabotage ceasefire efforts.
According to Kerry, the US-supported opposition cannot engage in political talks to resolve the conflict in Syria, if the Syrian regime, backed by Russia, doesn't halt its air attacks on terrorists.
“And if that happens there's a chance of giving credibility back to this process,” he said of an agreement with Sergei Lavrov in Geneva earlier this month to mediate a cessation of hostilities for humanitarian purposes. How can people go sit at a table with a regime that bombs hospitals and drops chlorine gas again and again and again and again and again and acts with impunity," Kerry asked. 

Brad Pitt being investigated by FBI over abuse allegations after 'drunken rage at son' on private jet

Brad Pitt is being investigated by the FBI over claims he was "verbally abusive and physical" with his son Maddox during a flight on a private jet.
The actor - whose wife Angelina Jolie filed for divorce and ended their 12-year relationship following the reported incident - is accused of being "wasted" and "screaming" while in the air with his partner and two of their children.
A source told Mirror Celebs that the FBI is investigating the claims as a jurisdictional issue due to the alleged incident taking place in the air.

The Hip-Hop Community Reacts To The Tragic News Of Shawty Lo's Death

News of the tragic death of Shawty Lo hit the hip-hop community Wednesday morning, and many took some time to express their fond memories of the Georgia rapper. Lo was killed in a car accident early Wednesday morning in Atlanta after losing control of his vehicle. He was 40 years old, and left behind eleven children. He was best known for his group D4L and their hit "Laffy Taffy," as well as his album Units in the City.
You can read messages of love and remembrance from many major figures in hip-hop below.