Thursday, February 11, 2016

What is the Nigerian Students & Youth Corpers Discount Card? How It Works @Nsycdc

The Nigerian Student  Discount Card is the nation's most widely accepted student discount program. Cardholders enjoy exclusive discounts at thousands of locations around campuses nationwide and online. 
Students can save up to 50% off purchases with popular local businesses and national brands

The Student discount card program provides youth coppers and students opportunities of savings from the extra discount they get

Our Cardholders represent all colleges and universities throughout the nation. The Nigerian students youth corpers discount card is affiliated  with Nigerian Association Of Nigerian Students  and thousands of discount locations nationwide to ensure that students can save everyday on the things they need, from food, books and textbooks to online shopping and everything in between.

What are the benefits of the Nigerian students youth corpers discount card ?
When you purchase the Nigerian students youth corpers discount card , your Card comes with access to an expanding list of thousands of discount locations on-line and in-store, exclusive e-mail discounts tailored to the needs of students and youth corpers @ access to .

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