Thursday, February 11, 2016

Mum-of-four wrote heartbreaking Facebook post then killed herself after her children were taken into care

Tragic: She jumped off a bridge to her death, the inquest heard
A mother-of-four jumped 30 feet to her death off a bridge after her children were taken away from her due to an affair she had with a drug addict, an inquest heard.
The tragic mum was found by a passing motorist shortly afterwards on a road at the bottom of a bridge near her home in Blackburn, Lancs.
Hours before, Miss Rayson posted a message on Facebook which read: ''Night night everyone, I've had it. Love my babies back but I'm a failure''.
She died three days later in hospital from multiple injuries leaving behind children Ebony, 20, Atlanta, 16, Kai, 13 and Rylee, three.
Ebony is now looking after Atlanta and Kai, whilst Rylee's father has custody of him.
Messages she had posted in the days before her death revealed the extent of Miss Rayson's torment at the break up of her family.
She wrote: ''If I died would anyone care? My kids yes. It's just so hard when I u lost everything. I have a no life. I just want my babies back.''

Family: Tina with son Rylee, daughter Ebony, son Kai, grandson Reun, and daughter Atlanta
The mum added: ''Sick of sitting like a zombie in a big empty house. I want my life back. I'm a total failure! I feel the worst mum ever.
"I ruined mine and my kids life all because of a man. I hate my life!!!! I had a happy family. Sick of crying. Sick of this pain.''
Miss Rayson had been described by relatives as ''family orientated'' and ''a caring and loving mother devoted to her kids'' but an inquest in Blackburn was told her life began to fall apart in March last year when she had a fling with a man with a drug problem.
A family friend Deborah Craig told the hearing: "Over the six months prior to her death, she was a lost soul. The issues were the children being taken from her.
"She ended her relationship with her partner, it was the fact that he was on drugs, which led to the problems that the children were taken away.
"In terms of the depression, sometimes she seemed more positive than others.
"She would tell me 'I'm going to get my life back on track and sort myself out' then the next day she would go back down again.
"She was doing everything that was asked of her and then she was punished by the social services and they didn't seem to let her move forward.
"She said she couldn't cope without her children but if she felt in crisis I was there for her and would offer any support I could.
Love: Tina was a devoted mother
''She was under the crisis team and she would wait all day for them and they wouldn't turn up.
"She was very upset about that and felt like she was not getting the help she needed.
"I thought she needed somebody to be there with her for her to talk to every day and check on her. Essentially I tried to be that person.''
Recalling the night of the tragedy on September 15 last year, Miss Craig added: "She came around to my house but was miles away. I even asked her what time it was and I don't think she even heard me.
"She was very different and was not herself at all. It seemed to me that she had just given up."
"I later got a text from Tina at about 21:30 but it said 'please help me Debbie, I'm going to jump off a bridge'.
"I ran down to Tina's house and was banging on the door. There was music playing and the TV was on but there was no response.
"She did everything that was asked of her from social services to try and get her children back but it still didn't seem to help."
Miss Rayson's daughter Ebony Rayson, said: "Mum has been depressed for about five to six months prior to her death - part of that related to my siblings being taken into care.
"She sought assistance from many mental health professionals. Nothing seemed to help my mum at all. Her depression was constant.
Missed: She took her own life after her children were taken away
"The Monday September 14 was the last time I saw her. She was crying and seemed as though she had always been crying and shaking.
"Around 9pm on Tuesday she rang me and just said 'love you' at the end of the call and that was it.''
Recording a suicide verdict coroner Michael Singleton, said: "This is a tragic story of a young woman whose life started to unravel about six months before her death.
"There were problems with her relationship and more significantly, the taking into care of her children. It seems that these things came to a head.''