Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Abuja House Exco lead by its Chairman Amana Onoja visited FGC Kwali Abuja

On the 20th day of February, 2016, The Abuja House Exco lead by its Chairman Amana Onoja visited FGC Kwali Abuja. We were honoured to be accompanied by Mr. Bernard Kwembeh Lolu Ojo ,Usman Abdullahi Gegu, Abubakar Audu Logo and Honourable Member of the House of Representatives Muhammad Kabir Ajanah. We were accompanied round the school by a willing principal who was eager that we as old students of this once great school take up our place in its history by contributing our quota to the rebuilding of its structures and more importantly, the character of its students.
While taking a tour around the school, we were saddened by its failing structures and the health conditions under which its students lived. As a matter of urgency, we have identified that one of the most pressing and immediate needs of the students relates to the state of their toilets.
Bombay which used to be way off in the forest has now relocated to the hostel. Dr. Aso Ofoegbu, Vice Chairman Abuja house and a medical practitioner described it as a medical catastrophy waiting to happen. On the spot contributions were made to cater for one or 2 pressing needs however more needs to be done.
Honourable Muhammad Kabir AjanahBernard Kwembeh Lolu OjoUsman Abdullahi Gegu, and Abubakar Audu Logo have made commitments to the cause which we are thankful for, however a lot more needs to be done and fast.

Worthy of note however is one undeniable fact, the school is not as bad as it was years ago when we visited. The P.T.A we are informed is doing a lot, currently the P.T.A is rebuilding the fallen fences around the school. When we were informed of the efforts made by the P.T.A so far, it struck me, should we fail to act NOW....we will lose the opportunity to give back to our Alma Mata and ultimately lose the basis of our association.
We have wined and we have dined, we have partied and we have socialised. Have we not partied. wined and dined enough?
In the next few weeks, we intend to come up with an intervention plan specifically to tackle the Bombay problem in FGC Kwali. We invite you to support this cause.....we invite you to make this your cause, as it is.
Pro Unitate......