The sight of Olamide in expensive designer sandals is being construed as homosexual to many ignorant young black Americans who consider Timberland boots and Jordan sneakers as the only acceptable form of hetero male footwear.

Many Americans who do not travel widely are not used to other cultures, including Nigerian cultural way of dressing which is similar to Arabian culture as a result of the year round humidity, as well as the smart, intricately designed cultural native attires it is fashion faux pas to pair anything other than sandals and dress shoes with.
Fashionable affluent Nigerians like Olamide often drop a few stacks on a pair. A single pair of the Zanotti’s, Olamide has on in the photo cost £540 and can be obtained from Selfridges in London here

But our friends across the divide know nothing abut African culture as rapper Wale and a commenter, therealfemi aptly put it to them.
Wale got a bit angry and his response was filled with that emotion of anger and frustration. But there’s no surprise there as black American ignorance can often take the big L when faced with the true prism of multi-cultural perspective.