Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Badly burned girl who lost family in arson attack asks world to send her a card this Christmas

Safyre Terry
Tragic: Safyre Terry was badly burnt in the blaze that killed her family
A little girl who was badly burnt in a fire that killed her father and siblings wants one thing for Christmas - greetings cards.
Safyre Terry has appealed online for the world to share the special day with her, as her own family is no longer around to do so.
In 2013 Safyre’s home in Schenectady, New York was destroyed by arson, killing her father David Terry and three younger siblings.
The little girl only survived the blaze because her father shielded her with his body.

Safyre Terry
Victim: Safyre was the only member of her family to survive the devastating fire
She suffered burns on more than 75% of her body, has had more than 50 operations and subsequently lost her right hand and left foot.
Her aunt Liz Dolder told BuzzFeed News Safyre continues to have problems with her mouth due to the scar tissue tightening up and will have her next operation on January 5.
Just like most children, Safyre loves everything associated with Christmas, and now an online campaign is hoping to bring a smile to the girl's face.
Liz bought a tree to hang Christmas cards on this year, and her niece instantly got excited saying “I can’t wait to fill it up”.
Safyre Terry
Hope: The little girl has undergone 50 operations
Liz said her response was, “Honey, that’s probably not gonna happen. We maybe get 10 cards a year, and the card tree holds 100.”
But the aunt is now determined to bring a smile to the little girl's face by appealing for cards from around the world to complete the stand using Safyre Schenectady's Super Survivor , a Facebook page set up by Liz to track Safyre’s recovery and consolidate support from the local community.
The internet and international media have taken notice of Safyre's wish and helped spread the word to make her Christmas more merry this year.
A post in Imgur says: "Let's make this little girl's Christmas wish come true. She wants to fill up her card tree. Please take a few minutes and send a Christmas card her way, she will love receiving cards from all over the world."
If you'd like to send a Christmas card to Safyre, the address is: P.O. Box 6126 Schenectady, NY 12306 USA