Friday, November 13, 2015

"We are 99% sure we got him": ISIS executioner Jihadi John 'killed' in drone strike, say Pentagon - updates

British ISIS terrorist Jihadi John has been targeted by the US military in a drone strike.
While The Pentagon are still assessing the strike, US sources have said they are "confident" he is dead.
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Authorities could take days to confirm death

The Pentagon correspondent for the Washington Post Missy Ryan broke the story of the drone strike in the early hours of this morning.
And she’s warning that it could take days for authorities to confirm the ISIS killer is dead.
However that hasn’t stopped US sources from telling both Fox News, ABC and CNN that they’re “confident” they’ve killed him.
Killer: Jihadi John brandishes a knife

'We are 99% sure we got him'

Speaking of the airstrike on Jihadi John, a senior US official has told Fox News: “We are 99 per cent sure we got him.
“We were on him for some time.”
CNN has also spoken to Pentagon sources, confirming that they are “confident” the ISIS terrorist is dead.

Drone strike was 'flawless' and a 'clean hit'

The airstike targeting Mohammed Emwazi was “flawless” and a “clean hit” with no collateral damage, according to US sources.
Jihadi John was struck when he got into a vehicle after exiting a building in Raqqa, Syria, ABC reports.
Downing Street says it is aware of the strike but is yet to release a full statement.
'Clean hit': Jihadi John was targeted in the streets of Raqqa

US had been tracking Jihadi John in Raqqa for months

The Pentagon had been tracking Jihadi John in Raqqa for months.
Reports began to emerge in July, with security forces confirming that he was alive and active in the ISIS stronghold in Syria.
Is is understood that the airstrike, which took place in the last few hours, was carried out on a Raqqa street as the terrorist left and building and entered a vehicle.
Tracked: Jihadi John had been active in Raqqa for months

Jihadi John 'eviscerated' as he got into vehicle

A source has told ABC News that Jihadi John was “eviscerated” as he got into his car.
It is understood that the strike took place while he was exiting a building on a Raqqa street.
The Pentagon however are yet to provide a full statement on the details of the attack.
'Eviscerated': The ISIS killer is thought to have left a building when the strike took place

Who is Muhammad Emwazi?

The 26-year-old was born in Kuwait in 1988 but moved to a middle-class neighbourhood in Britain with his family aged 6.
He was a bright youngster, who was raised and educated in West London, before studying computing at Westminster University.
It is thought he would occasionally pray at a mosque in Greenwich.
Emwazi was believed to have travelled to Syria in around 2012 where he later joined ISIS.
Home grown terrorist: Mohammed Emwazi fled to Syria after growing up in the UK

Everything we know so far

  1. An airstrike targeting the British ISIS militant Mohammed Emwazi has been carried out in Syria by US forces
  2. The extremist appeared in a number of beheading videos, including those in which UK hostages Alan Henning and David Haines were killed
  3. Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said it was not clear whether Emwazi had been killed in the strike in Raqqa
  4. However senior US sources have told CNN they are “confident” he is dead
Twisted: The British-born extremist was targeted by the US

Pentagon 'confident' that British-born ISIS killer is dead

Security forces are “confident” that Jihadi John has died following a US airstrike.
The Pentagon is assessing whether the extremist was killed in the military action carried out in Syria, however senior sources have told CNN that they believe he is dead.
Mohammed Emwazi came to notoriety in a video in August 2014 which showed the beheading of US journalist James Foley.
The Brit also appeared in videos showing the killings of UK hostages Alan Henning and David Haines, American journalist Steven Sotloff, aid worker Abdul-Rahman Kassig and Japanese journalists Kenji Goto and Haruna Yukawa shortly before they were killed.
We’ll be bringing you all the latest.