Thursday, November 12, 2015

The World's First Super-Yacht That Can Truly Take You Anywhere On Planet Earth

Is this a yacht or an aircraft carrier? Developers are creating a super-yacht that is making the line between luxury yacht and warship thinner by the day. If you happen to have 10 figures in the bank and want to be able to travel anywhere in the world, this is your ship. Designed by Damen Group, the SeaXplorer is billed as, "The first purpose-built, Polar Code-compliant range of expedition yachts, with true global capability; from extreme polar to remote tropical areas."
Most luxury water vessels are built for tropical areas, and although ice-breaking ships have been around, no luxury yacht has had that capability before. If you've ever wanted to take your extended family to the Antarctic, now you can. Check out the pictures below and get a glimpse of the future of personal travel!

A Billionaire's Dream

This super-yacht allows you to travel the seven seas like never before.


"Our warships are very capable vessels that outperform any others, in terms of speed and range, but there's no luxury accomodation, purely just for crew," SeaXplorer's marketing manager, Victor Caminada, told CNN.

World Traveler

Victor continues, "That triggered us to see what a luxury vessel would require - much more storage and spare parts. You need to be more self-sufficient than on usual superyachts when in tropical destinations, and even more so in areas where there's ice."

Living Lavishly

The accommodations inside of this beast are luxurious enough for the biggest ballers around.

The Outside Deck

Perfect for throwing parties across the globe!

Sleeping Quarters

Rest in peace while you have perfect views from your trip!


Need to do some sight seeing from above? That's fine, you can bring your chopper with you!

A View From The Top

See the world how a captain does, all from the comfort of your own yacht!

However You Want It Built

They'll built it any size from 65 meters to 100 meters, and they'll have it ready for you within four years... Who's ready?