Saturday, November 21, 2015

Former babysitter abducts two year old,dumps her on the road naked, with cigarette burns and head shaved

A woman has been arrested in the abduction and alleged torture of a 2 year old.
The Hamilton Police Department says 21-year-old Abigail Hanna has been charged with kidnapping, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon, assault and battery on a child, and breaking and entering.
Hanna is the former babysitter of Lyndon Albers, a 2-year-old who was reported missing early Friday morning.

The toddler was found several hours later 8 miles away in Rowley by a couple driving to work.
She was found naked and covered in leaves, according to sources and had cigarette burns on her body. Her head was also shaved.

According to Hanna's facebook page, she got engaged to her bf this month.
Marge Crosby and her husband, Tom Crosby, were driving to the boutique they own in Amesbury just after 9:30 a.m. when he spotted something on the side of the road in Rowley that looked, at first, like a doll.
“Tom says ‘I think I just saw a baby on the side of the road.’ I said ‘What, are you crazy?’ ” Marge Crosby told the Herald. “I don’t want to say a vision but that’s what it was, a vision. I drove by and then quickly it flashed through my head. I said ‘Was that a baby or was it a doll,’ ” said Tom Crosby.
They swung the car around to check.
“We didn’t know if it was a girl or a boy. It looked like a boy right away,” said Marge Crosby.
Tom Crosby said he took off his coat, wrapped it around Albers, and scooped her up into the back seat of their car. They called the police, who swarmed the narrow, secluded road in minutes.
Tom and Marge Crosby said the toddler had her head shaved and was suffering from a “big contusion” or bruise mark on her head the size of a softball.
The little girl was reported missing from her Lincoln Avenue home in Hamilton at 7 a.m., according to state police. The couple found her 8 miles away in Rowley.
“It’s hard to comprehend how she got from Hamilton to there,” Marge Crosby said.
“It didn’t look like she was dumped. It looked like she was placed,” Tom Crosby added.
He said he tried to talk to the tot as she sat smiling in the back of his car, nodding off.
Marge Crosby said the whole ordeal was “very disturbing” — “It’s like you’re in a dream. It’s like, is this real?” she said.

Hamilton Police Chief Russell Stevens said the blonde-haired girl was transported to a nearby hospital, where she was listed in fair condition. Then she was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital.
Stevens likened the case to a “jigsaw puzzle, and pieces of the puzzle are 
still missing.”
The little girl’s grandmother, Mary-Ellen Albers, said she was relieved to hear her granddaughter had been found safe.
“Of course we are very happy that she is OK,” Albers said. “We are thankful for all of the prayers that have been offered.”
Albers was first taken to Beverly Hospital where she was listed in fair condition. She was later transferred to Boston Children's Hospital where she is currently being treated.

The suspect Abigail Hannah is being held without bail.