Wednesday, September 20, 2017

KEFCHILD #ARIWO Video Dropping Soon @kefchild

Babatunde Olobayo popularly know as Kefchild the oluwa crooner and a fasionista who recently launched his clothing line has proven beyond doubt that he  is a true royal blood from Kabba, Kogi State.The award winning song star Kefchild has repeatedly proven to be top the game after he kept the industry lip syncing His newest song “Ariwo ” the cattcy lyrics and harmonies levitates it as a certified banger Is.  and a a prequsite for sucess he shot an energetic youthful video with the industry best hands on the cam,  @frizzlenbizzlefilms it is expected  to drop share and be blessed 

Know the name now, keep it in mind and never forget its Kefchild the Number 1 boy Painkilla. @teamkef.painkilla

Watch out for the boy!