Thursday, July 20, 2017

Baltimore Police Officer Allegedly Plants Drugs At Scene Of A Drug Arrest Not Knowing His Body Cam Was Recording (video)

A video recording of a Baltimore police officer planting evidence at the scene of a drug arrest, allegedly so he can arrest a suspect, was captured by the officer's body cam without his knowledge.
In the video, the officer can be seen planting the drugs in a cup then walking out to of the area go put on his body camera before returning to the same spot to search for the drugs.
"I'm going to check here. Hold on," he said for the benefit of the body cam as though he were just going to that spot for the first time. 
The officer pretended to search around for some time before he brought out the container where he had earlier hidden the drugs and acted like he just found it.
Maryland's Office of the Public Defender released the incriminating video. Police cameras can include a feature that saves 30 seconds of video before activation so that's probably how the video was captured before his body cam was turned on.
Kevin Davis, Baltimore Police Commisioner said they are looking into it and it's a possibility that the officer was in fact trying to replace drugs that he had found in order to document their discovery while their body camera is on.
The officer seen in the video planting the drugs has been suspended while the other two were placed on administrative duty pending an investigation. 
Watch the video below.

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