Friday, June 2, 2017

Woman hides corpse of mother in freezer to claim pension of deceased

French police

A 55 year-old woman in the village of Horsarrieu located in the South West of France has done the unthinkable after reportedly hiding the corpse of her mother in a freezer.

This was in a bid to continue claiming the old age pension, £1,700, belonging to the deceased, the Mirror UK reports.
The body of the 90 year-old woman was found by the police after they launched an investigation and found the corpse of the deceased.
"They were hidden in a freezer, and there had been no report of the mother’s death.
"The freezer was not connected to the electricity supply going into the house. It was just a hiding place," a prosecutor revealed.
The police believe that the old woman died a decade ago, contradicting claims made by the suspect who stated that her mother died seven years ago.
According to reports, there is a plan to conduct an autopsy to determine if the woman died of natural causes.