Wednesday, March 1, 2017

president Trump's armoured limousine in its final stages as it undergoes testing

President Trump was meant to have his presidential limos ready by Inauguration Day, but the date was pushed back to March 30th. As the date draws close, new photos showing the camouflage prototype of the armored limousine which is in its final stage has emerged.

In the photo, the presidential limo, popularly called The Beast can be seen parked between two SUVs. There are unconfirmed reports that the vehicle is built on a medium or heavy-duty truck chassis. It is unclear what type of engine the car has though its filler door gives reason to believe it is diesel. The plans for the car are a state secret, however, it is believed that it would be an improved model of the former beast which was believed to be armed against ballistic, IED and chemical weapons attacks, as well as fitted with a communications suite and emergency medical equipment.

The contract for production of the new line of presidential limos was awarded to General Motors at $15.8million and they are believed to be undergoing last-minute testing.