Thursday, March 9, 2017

'He jumped out of the train and started to strike at people with an AXE': Horror in Dusseldorf as attacker injures seven before he is caught by anti-terror police

Pictured: Paramedics rush to the aid of a victim of the train station attack in Dusseldorf
Seven people including two police officers were injured when a man wielding an axe went on a rampage at a train station in Dusseldorf.
The suspected culprit has been arrested and German anti-terror police confirmed no other suspects were still at large.
Reports claim that the man ran towards a nearby underground station and jumped from a bridge as he attempted to flee. 
However, he was arrested after seriously injuring himself in his unsuccessful escape attempt and is now being treated in hospital.
Pictures from Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof, the city's main station, showed one of the victims lying helplessly on the floor as paramedics rushed to their aid.
His victims included three men, a woman and a 13-year-old girl, with the teenager suffering lacerations to her upper arm. Three were seriously injured.

Pictured: Emergency services at the scene where surrounding roads were cordoned off

An arrest was made after squads of anti-terror police swooped in on the scene in Dusseldorf

'A person, probably armed with an axe, attacked people at random,' police said in a statement. Seven people were injured, three of them seriously, they said.
The 36-year-old man, described as being from "the former Yugoslavia" and living in the nearby city of Wuppertal, suffered serious injuries and was being treated in a hospital.
"The suspect appears to have had psychological problems," police said.
Police said an axe was recovered and officers were searching the area in and around the station, which has been closed for the investigation.
Frantic footage from a smartphone has captured the moment terrified passengers fled the scene, with many screaming as they sprinted away from the station. 
Recalling the terrifying moment the axeman struck, a witness said: 'I have never seen anything like that I my life. 
'He suddenly jumped out of the train and started to strike at people with an axe - just about two metres away from to us. 
'But no one could help, it was impossible. We just stopped and screamed.' 

A station attendant told German newspaper, Bild, that a man had attacked people after jumping off a train.
They said: 'We were standing on the track, waiting for the train. The train came, and suddenly someone jumped out with an axe, hit the people. 
'There was blood everywhere. I have experienced a lot, but I have never experienced it.' 
Earlier this evening a terrified passenger said on Twitter that a 'crazy man' had attacked people in the station.
Bruno Macedo tweeted: 'Man with axe chased by police in Dusseldorf. Station closed. I am in the train things look bad #police #terror.'
Mr Macedo added: 'Stay away from #Dusseldorf train station crazy man with #axe on the lose [sic] .. :('  
He later posted: 'Everyone is calm in the train. Tense but calm....#dusseldorf #breaking #terror'
'Train is not stopping in #Dusseldorf #police closed the station . #terror #germany'
The scenes in Dusseldorf followed seven other similarly disturbing attacks Germany has suffered since the start of last year.
Incidents in Hanover in February 2016, Essen in April, Wurzburg, Reutlingen, Ansbach and Munich all in July and Berlin in December, left 22 people killed and 112 wounded.
Explosives, firearms, knives an axe and an articulated truck were used during the attacks, several of which were claimed by ISIS and involved asylum seekers from Syria and Afghanistan.

  Blood on the floor of the station after the attacker struck

Pictured: Witnesses look on as the police seal off the station after the attack in Dusseldorf