Friday, February 10, 2017

Mob drag female child killer out of cell and throw her into bonfire (photos)

A woman who was being held in a police cell in Brazil for starting a fire that killed a 2-year-old boy was on Tuesday dragged out by a group of about 500 people who overpowered the police then proceeded to throw the woman into a bonfire.

The woman was dragged along the floor by her hair, all the way outside to a burning car and was forced into the fire. Everyone around recorded the incident on their phones and made no move to help her until the police called for reinforcement and a troop of full military police arrived that the woman was rescued.

The woman allegedly started the fire on Monday in a house with two little boys and four adults. One of the boys died, the other was badly injured. The woman had not been charged or convicted at the time of the lynch but the mob obviously decided to take the law into their hands.

She was taken to a hospital to be treated for her injuries and police are keeping her location secret. Meanwhile, an investigation into the event has already started.

More photos below...