Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Biker's chin punctured by a spiked railing after he was involved in a high speed crash (Graphic Photo/Video)

Bhavnalo Kant, 20, was impaled by a spiked railing after he hit a speed bump while riding his motorbike, lost control and was thrown into the air. The gruesome accident which happened near Raja Ki Mandi railway station Agra, India, saw the biker landing on a spiked railing which punctured his chin from beneath and came out through his mouth.
Kant's passenger landed on the road when the bike crashed and seeing what had happened to Kant, he ran to the police station to alert the police.

Paramedics who arrived the scene tried to pull his jaw up from the rail but when that did not work, they had to cut the top part of the railing off, leaving it stuck in his mouth. He was then rushed to the hospital where surgery was carried out on him and the remaining part of the railing was successfully removed. See the gruesome video below.