Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Tobix Recreational Park and Garden is easily the most exclusive hangout for people who love outdoor fun and serene relaxation in Abuja. It is a multi-purpose park and a unique events centre built in 2012.

The two-acre park is a tapestry of beautiful and functional garden features such as the ever-green lawns,badminton court,event spaces, walk ways, topiaries of different shapes, sculpture, waterfalls, fountains, ponds, rock gardens, gazebos of different sizes of exotic trees, palms and flowers, it also has a children’s play ground equipped with play toys. The park is known for its expansive space for guests and it beauty.

Located along the Banex-Gwarinpa Express Road, just opposite ALIBERT Furnitures, our location is indeed a perfect place for family picnics, individual and group hangouts as well as romantic getaways.

We are surrounded, by plush green vegetation, large serene atmosphere and enough car parking space for everyone. And we’re only 300 metres away from NEXT Cash and Carry Supermarket, just along the same road. This destination has something for everyone.

Our regular customers are the elite, elegant, young, rich, beautiful and trendy individuals of Abuja. If you think you qualify as part of the exclusive species, then make Tobix Park and Garden your Number One choice relaxation spot in Abuja.

In Abuja, we have remained one of the leading venues for public entertainment, drawing all manners of celebrities and the crème-de-la-crème of Abuja who all come to enjoy a stress-free calming evening sipping away on their favourite local or international brewed beer and other assorted drinks.

With soothing music floating through the air, along with the sweet aroma of our barbecues, our customers rediscover themselves while enjoying a tasty cooked meal or grilled fish with their chilled drinks.

Tobix Recreational Park and Garden inspires thousands of Abuja residents through the power of entertainment,sports,recreation, to celebrate, connect with, and care for nature’s best gifts. The Garden is best known for making people feel so much alive, happy and in the mood for more fun. Thus, Tobix Garden is a place where fun comes naturally.

We are also a park for kids, offering them a variety of up-close experiences that invite exploration and appreciation of the natural world, in the form of thrilling rides and spectacular shows.

We’ve filled our park with the best collections of breathtaking architecture and landscaping for everyone to enjoy. In fact, we have been voted the Abuja’s most beautiful theme park since 2013.

What makes our garden really special is our atmosphere. Our guests seem to appreciate that they have the option to both relax after a long day or to join the crowd and socialise if they want to.

Tobix Garden is a must-visit for anyone in need of a tranquil, verdant escape from city noise. A place that is just perfect for relaxation. It's also a popular spot for weddings and wedding photos, parties of all kinds, meetings and all forms of engagements. Admission is free, and the park is open each morning at 10 a.m., but has varying close times throughout the year.

We are Abuja’s most beautiful theme park. Seriously … it’s true!!!

We have special events throughout the year, and each one gives the park a completely different look and feel. Events like the Abuja Barbecue Carnival takes place every Quarter, while the Tobix Tombola Nights come monthly, among other events.

Visitors to Tobix are always awed to discover a haven of carefully planned park and garden space with its beautiful, unspoilt, tranquillity in the heart of Abuja.

The recreation park provides the ideal setting for superb white weddings, picnics, product launches, school visits, religious retreats, anniversaries, quiet time with nature and a perfect location for movie and musical shoots. It has a stunning environment which brings a unique atmosphere to your events.

Tobix Recreation Park has a perfect setting for parties, with enough space for up to three thousand five hundred (3500) guests. The well cultured gardens are a photographer’s delight. Furthermore, parked cars are safe as we have both armed and plain clothes security personnel on surveillance during events.

Banex-Gwarinpa Express Road
Abuja, Nigeria


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