Thursday, December 29, 2016

Commotion as Thug Kills a Man Inside a Church in Front of the Pastor..

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A police officer at the scene of the tragic incident

A man has been brutally killed inside a church right in front of the pastor causing serious commotion in the area.

A South African man identified as Bongani Mfengu has been brutally murdered at the Thabo Mbeki squatter camp in Philippi East, near Cape Town, South Africa.

According to Daily Sun SA, the man's family is still in shock, trying to understand why he was brutally killed.

Bongani was reportedly invited to drink beer with a neighbour, but then a fight broke out.

What happened next was witnessed by Pastor Sakhiwe Maseti of St John’s Apostolic Church.

According to Maseti, Bongani ran a distance of more than 100 metres to his church.

His attacker was chasing him, holding a hammer and a knife.

“I heard a man calling for help while running towards my church,” said the pastor.

“Maybe he knew he was dying so he chose a church of all places because he wanted to die close to God the creator.

“Bongani first fell in the churchyard after the suspect attacked him.

“He then stood up and ran into the church.

“Before I could intervene, the attacker hit Bongani with a hammer and stabbed him. He died on the spot.”

Family member Ntombifikile Magiyose believes the accused planned to kill Bongani – and that’s why he invited him for a drink.

Another relative, Nolmaindiya Mfengu, said Bongani was a hard worker who had just opened a shisa nyama.

Police spokesman Captain Frederick Van Wyk told Daily Sun: “The victim was allegedly stabbed to death by his friend after an argument.

“A 26-year-old suspect was arrested later that night.”

Van Wyk said the suspect was expected to appear in the Athlone Magistrates Court today.