Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Independent athlete wins gold for first time in Olympic history

When Kuwait's Fehaid Al-Deehani learned that his country had been suspended by the International Olympic Committee, he likely thought his Olympic dreams were over.
But Al-Deehani, along with seven other athletes, was allowed to compete under the Olympic flag as an independent athlete -- and he was sure to make the most of it.
Al-Deehani won gold in the men's double trap on Wednesday -- the first gold medal by an independent athlete in Olympic history.

An officer in the Kuwaiti army, Al-Deehani is competing in his sixth Olympics but has never before won gold (he won bronze in 2000 and 2012 while competing for Kuwait).
He defeated Italy's Marco Innocenti in the final match after beating American Joshua Richmond in a shoot-off
Fehaid Al-Deehani won the first ever Olympic gold medal by an independent athlete.
Despite competing as an independent athlete, Al-Deehani maintains his Kuwaiti pride. He was reportedly asked by the IOC to carry the Olympic flag during the Rio opening ceremony, but he refused.
"I am a military man and I will only carry the Kuwait flag," Al-Deehani said. "I cannot carry the IOC flag."