Saturday, July 23, 2016

Manchester United plane forced to make unscheduled landing on the way to Beijing for City clash

The aeroplane carrying Manchester United's staff and players from Shanghai to Beijing was forced to make an unscheduled landing due to bad weather.
Jose Mourinho and his men are travelling to Beijing for Monday's International Champions Cup match against rivals Manchester City.
But their preparations for the game aren't going to plan, as winger Memphis Depay revealed on Facebook.
He shared a video with his fans on the social media website, explaining how he and his teammates were forced to touch down earlier than planned.
"We are lost somewhere, we had to make a quick landing somewhere," Depay says in the video.

Memphis Depay took to Facebook to inform his fans of what was happening
"We tried to fly to Beijing but the weather is a little bit bad so we had to land somewhere else.
"Now we're waiting until the weather gets a little bit easier so that we can land. I hope we can leave soon so that we can prepare ourselves for the game versus Manchester City."
Fears were sparked earlier in the week that United's match with City might be cancelled due to torrential rain and flooding in Beijing, but it now appears as if the game is likely to go ahead.
Getty2008 Beijing: Fireworks explode next to the National Stadium, also known as the "Bird's Nest"
United and City are set to meet at the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing on Monday
United's first friendly in China ended in a disappointing 4-1 defeat by Borussia Dortmund.
Depay started the match up front for United but delivered a drab display and was hooked at half-time by boss Mourinho.