Thursday, July 28, 2016

Man who fought for custody of his son for almost a year gets the devastating news he had been dreading

Dillon Wyckoff who had been in a year-long custody battle over his two-year-old son, Mason Wyckoff got a tragic news on Friday that his little boy had passed away possibly at the hands of his mother. Emergency crews were called to his baby mama's apartment where they found the deceased toddler alongside his unconscious mother, Stephenie Erickson.

He told the Des Moines Register:
“He was everything in my world. She had threatened and threatened to do it, and she did it to hurt me. They haven’t proven anything yet, but I know down deep that’s what happened.”
“It’s been a year-long battle with all this stuff, and it’s been going downhill…We prayed and prayed it wouldn’t be this.”
Mason’s grandmother, Michel Cunningham, said they had lived in fear for months on end, worrying about Erickson’s mental stability especially after she told Wyckoff he would “never see his son again”:
“I tried contacting DHS (the Department of Human Services). We’ve dealt with over seven different police departments for over a year. They kept telling us that we had to wait for ‘something to happen.’ And look at what did.
Erickson who was found unconscious beside her 2 year old son was taken to a local hospital and remains in serious condition, though it’s not clear what injuries she sustained or how she got them.

Erickson’s neighbor said she’d “sit outside and smoke and cry” and never really talked to neighbours,
Wyckoff said of his son, Mason:
“He was always fun, always doing something. He was just getting to the age where I could start doing fun stuff with him, I was looking forward to a lot, a lot of fun. What we had is what we had, I don’t regret any moment of it.”
Amid an ongoing investigation into the incident, Wyckoff is certain that Erickson killed him.

Source:Des Moines Register: