We're halfway through a busy year in music. Already this year's new RIAA rules for music-streaming sales have bolstered blockbuster acts in a huge way.
Drake's album "Views" has been a runaway hit mainly off the strength of its streams. Even Adele, who was once notably holding her work from streaming services, has caved in and made her latest album, "25," streamable.
To get a sense of which artists are dominating the streaming field in the US, we turned to Pandora Radio, the streaming and recommendation service, for a list of the artists whose Pandora "artist stations" were most frequently added in each of the 50 states this year. It's a snapshot of what the streaming audience is most hungry for these days.
Turns out, Drake is just as popular as everyone thinks he is — though not everywhere. Some states have some curveball favorites.
Read on to see the top 10 artists in each state: