Sunday, July 3, 2016

DJ Obi’s Sets New World Record For Straight DJing At 229 Hours 58 Minutes…Ends Early For Medical Reasons

Yesterday [July 2] at 1.28pm record breaking Nigerian DJ – DJ Obi’s 240 attempt at a new record came to an end on the advice of his doctors.
DJ Obi who broke the current 200 hour record on Friday has set a new record with a marathon DJ set of 229 hours and 58 minutes of straugh DJing.
We are sure that the DJ who has captured the attention of Nigerians at home and abroad is catching up on some much needed sleep while his team verifies his new record with Guinness World Record’s office.
As it stands now DJ Obi has set a new record with 229 hours and 58 minutes of straight DJing! Just 11 hours short of his goal of 240 hours. Talk about inspirational!