Monday, July 4, 2016

17-year-old student Fola Orebiyi stabbed to death in Notting Hill in front of shocked tourists

Fola Orebiyi was stabbed to death in Notting Hill in front of horrified tourists and passers-by after fleeing from a gang of youths on bikes, yesterday, July 3.

According to Evening Standard, the 17-year-old student who was studying A levels at Chelsea Academy after completing his GCSEs at Holland Park, collapsed and bled to death in Portobello Road last night just yards from busy pubs and restaurants.

Customers and staff from the near-by Portobello Star pub rushed to help him as he staggered down the street. Paramedics and doctors attempted life saving treatment in the road but the teenager died at the scene. Witnesses said fight is said to have broken out on a nearby estate before he was chased into the busy road where he was attacked in front of horrified locals and tourists.

One witness, Mark Gettleson said Fola was stabbed in the neck. He heard the cries of staff at the pub as they tried to help the teenager as he staggered down the busy road. He eventually collapsed outside a shop. "I got home from the gym and heard a bit of commotion, then I heard someone scream ‘Did anybody see anything? I rushed to the window and police were already there talking to the poor boy who was in a bloody heap on the floor. There were two large pools of blood where he had staggered down the road before collapsing. People saw him fall down and try to get to his feet again.

Police and paramedics tried to resuscitate him for a long time, they did everything they could. This will shake people around here to the core. It’s absolutely tragic another young man has died. I’m in shock and we need to get the individuals who did this off our streets. We need to understand, in a meaningful way, why our children are turning to such horrific violent acts."

A cousin said Fola’s mother, who lives near-by, was devastated and described him as a caring and lovely boy with a a bright future. "All we have been told is that he was stabbed in the neck ... His mum is distraught. we are all struggling to understand what happened.

There has been an outpouring of love for him because he was genuinely like that, he was a person people wanted to know and be around." Fola’s mother said she was too upset to speak. Surrounded by family members comforting her, she said: "I can’t speak to anyone at the moment."

Source: Evening Standard