Snapchat redesign
Snapchat's long-awaited redesign is finally here, and it's all about putting stories front and center. 
On Tuesday, the company is changing its Discover section so that there's no difference between the publishers in its app, like Mashable or Tastemade, or the live stories that it curates from around the globe.
All stories now scroll across the top of a user's story page tiles, complete with a headline and image. The same theme carries over to inside the Discover section, where the new image tiles make it feel more like a Pinterest or Instagram clone than it's looked like in the past.
Previously, the only way to distinguish between publications was their logos. Now, it's all about the story itself — the images and headlines combined.

Part of the reason is to attract users to publications they've never heard of, but might love anyways. It also helps people follow their favorites.
As part of the redesign, people can now "subscribe" to updates from a publication. 
By subscribing, the publication is added to the bottom of your stories friend feed permanently (or at least until you unsubscribe from them). In the past, media have complained that whether they are featured in that rotating carousel of icons at the top of the page impacts whether people read their stories or not.
Now with the option of subscribing, people don't have to ever miss a new story from their favorites — while the rest of the stories are amped up. Here's what Snapchat looked like before and after its big change: