Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Shocking moment a knife-wielding man attacks a woman in broad daylight

A man was filmed attacking a woman with a knife in broad daylight, at a busy roadside in Datong City, Shanxi province, northern China. From the video shared, it looked like he was trying to kill her by trying to stab her several times with a large knife as she lay on the road.

The Maniac stayed on top of her and tried to cut her as she screamed for help. Trying to escape from his grasp, she courageously fought back, grabbing his wrist in a desperate bid to protect herself. 
What was disturbing about this video was that no one tried to help her, including the person filming it. It was a brave man who spotted them from the other side of the road that rushed over to her rescue and overpowered the frenzied street slasher from behind. Several male passersbys who were closer now joined to beat and tie him up. Local police have reportedly started an investigation into the crime. It's unclear if the man knew the woman...