Monday, June 27, 2016

Police Begin Investigation Into Alleged Brutality by Its Officers in Rivers State | Watch

The Nigerian Police Force has begun investigation into the alleged police brutality reported in Rivers state.
The Force’ Complaints Response Unit made the disclosure on their Facebook page, saying:
CRU has reviewed a video in circulation on the Social Media in respect of subject.
Investigation has been initiated, Tracking Number is #‎CRU426427‬
The act was allegedly carried out at Graceland, by Oyigbo, Rivers State Police Unit while they were trying to arrest a man.

One of the officers constantly hit the victim with his gun, another one with a stick, another slapped him, and another one hit him several times with a jerrycan.
The officers also assaulted another citizen for trying to intervene.
Watch the video below: *Viewer Discretion is Advised*