Friday, June 17, 2016

Meat Loaf rushed to hospital after he collapses on stage during concert in Canada

Meatloaf collapses on stage in Edmonton

Meat Loaf collapsed on stage during a concert on Thursday night.The 68-year-old singer - real name Michael Lee Aday - was performing in Edmonton, Canada, when the incident took place.
Concert goers tweeted pictures and video from inside the venue at the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium where he could be seen dramatically falling to the floor.
"I'm a paramedic," someone shouts as his band members rush to his aid.
Other pictures show an ambulance arriving at the auditorium.

Twitter / Mark HoganMeatloaf collapses on stage in Edmonton
This is the moment people rushed to his aid
One wrote: “Meat Loaf did not look good 2nite. Was worried he wouldn’t last. Left moments b4 he went down. Had a bad feeling (sic)."
While a local reporter shared: "Edmonton Fire confirms to me that crews responded to an "incident" at the Jubilee Auditorium but AHS has since taken over."
"Oh man that's a scary thing to watch Meat Loaf collapse like that. Hope he is OK," said a third.
His condition is currently unknown.
On Monday the star cancelled a show in Calgary at the last minute due to illness.
Story developing...
Ambulance here for 
Friends attending  say everyone was cleared out when he collapsed during an encore number. Ambulance there now.