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Sutol Crushed Rock Industries ( GRANITE TILES SLABS CHIPPINGS )

Sutol Crushed Rock Industries are pacesetters in this sector, harnessing proprietary exploration, drilling, excavation and fully developed stone technology in Nigeria.

Sutol Crushed Rock Industries is developing into Nigeria's major producer and supplier of crushed granite aggregates, the sizes of which range from (0 - 50)mm and above depending on our customer's requirements.

It is our mission to maintain or surpass our position in the industry, increase our worth and the wealth of the nation.

We achieve all of these while always being responsive to our social responsibility and also environmentally friendly.

Ice Cube To Receive Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Ice Cube To Receive Star On Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Following the honor of being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with N.W.A, Ice Cube has been selected to receive a star on Hollywood's Walk of Fame, according to a press release.
The West Coast Legend will be recognized in the Class of 2017 for his achievements in recording, as he made the Straight Outta Compton album with N.W.A then went on to have an illustrious solo career with LPs including AmeriKKKa's Most WantedDeath Certificate and The Predator.
Other artists honored in the recording category include John Legend and New Edition.
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joins Cube and will receive his award in the motion pictures category. He recently starred in Central Intelligence alongside Kevin Hart.
Each honoree has two years from their induction to schedule their star ceremony. Each event is usually announced 10 days prior to the ceremony.

Are YOU at risk of a sudden heart attack? 1 in 9 men and 1 in 30 women will die from the condition before the age of 70

One in nine men and one in 30 women will die from a sudden heart attack before they reach the age of 70, the first study of its kind has revealed

One in nine men and one in 30 women will die from a sudden heart attack before they reach the age of 70, new research has warned.
Sudden cardiac death claims thousands of lives each year, and is most likely to strike people with no prior symptoms and no history of cardiovascular disease, the findings show.
The study represents the first to offer a lifetime risk estimate for the condition. 
Dr Donald Lloyd-Jones, of Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, and senior author of the study, said his team's research suggests regular screening should be offered to try and pick up those at risk. 
'These numbers should raise a red flag,' he said. 
'We often screen for conditions that are less common and much less deadly than sudden cardiac death. 
'For instance, the lifetime risk for colon cancer is about one in 21, and for this reason everyone over the age of 50 is told to have a colonoscopy.
'But by comparison the lifetime risk of sudden cardiac death for men is one in nine, and yet we're not really screening it.'
In the study, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, Dr Lloyd-Jones and his team examined data of more than 5,200 men and women aged 28 to 62 who were free of cardiovascular disease.
The researchers focused on the blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking and diabetes, calculating an estimation for the risk of sudden cardiac death

'Merkel's open door policy caused Britain to leave EU': German leader is blamed for Brexit over her failure to deal with migrant crisis and open arms immigration policy

Critics have branded German Chancellor Angela Merkel as being responsible for Brexit, blaming her open-door migration policy as being a 'driving force' for the Leave campaign's victory
As Germans demand their own opportunity to free themselves from 'EU slavery', fingers are being pointed at Chancellor Angela Merkel for sparking the potential dissolution of the European Union.
Critics have branded Ms Merkel's open-door immigration policy as being to blame for a tidal wave of demands for Brexit-style referendums across several countries in the bloc. 
The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) has openly branded Ms Merkel as being responsible, amid calls for a 'Dexit' - Deutschland exit 

The right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) has openly branded Ms Merkel as being responsible, amid calls for a 'Dexit' - Deutschland exit. Pictured, Ms Merkel arrives at the EU Summit in Brussels on Tuesday

'I think Ms Merkel with her open borders caused Britain to leave the EU,' said AfD's vice chairman Alexander Gauland on Friday in Berlin. 
He added: 'I think the British have opted for direct democracy. I believe that it is good that they have done that.' 
It came as party chairman Bjorn Hocke warned that the Eurosceptic AfD would be launching a campaign for a German exit. 
'With the exit from the EU, the British have left the path of collective madness and opted for democracy and popular sovereignty.

Teen driver's horrifying stab wounds revealed after brutal road rage attack at traffic lights

Teenage driver suffers injuries after being stabbed in road rage attack at M602 junction

teenage driver's horrifying wounds have been revealed after he was stabbed in a brutal road rage attack while stopped at a set of traffic lights.
The 19-year-old was on his way to a meal when the passenger of a car that pulled up beside his Nissan Micra got out and knifed him in the chest, according to police .
Officers said the bald attacker then got back into a blue/grey family-sized car , alongside the driver and sped off, the Manchester Evening News reported.
It happened at a junction at the end of the M602 in Salford, between 8.15pm and 9pm on June 19, Greater Manchester Police said.
The teenager, who is from Liverpool and was travelling with another passenger, had a short discussion with the occupants of the other car before the attack.

Police Confirm Death of Its Officer Beaten to Coma by Angry Mob

Police Officers are Stationed at UNILAG Gate - September 2013 - BellaNaija - 032

Enugu State Police Command, has confirmed the death of a policeman, Nobert Ugwuanyi, who was beaten to coma by angry mob in Nsukka on Tuesday for allegedly killing a motorcyclist.
Ebere Amaraizu, Enugu State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) confirmed this to the  (3m360) in a telephone interview on Wednesday.
He said that the policeman was confirmed dead on Wednesday morning at a hospital.
“Yes the policeman, beaten by mob at Beach Junction in Nsukka in Nsukka Local Government Area, on Tuesday has died as a result of serious injury inflicted on him by the mob,” he said.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

This graphic shows just how widespread meth is in the United States

Nearly half of all inmates in US federal prisons are serving sentences for drug offenses.
But exactly which drugs are getting people locked up?
In more than half of the 50 states, it's meth. According to research from the United States Sentencing Commission, methamphetamine produced more offenses than any other drug in 27 states, including much of the West, Midwest and the South.

Pro-gun mum shot dead after killing two daughters 'let husband live so he could suffer'

Christy Sheats
A pro-gun mum who was shot dead by police after killing her two daughters may have let her husband survive so he would live with the anguish of losing his family, police said.
Christy Sheats is also thought to have been angered by the upcoming marriage of her eldest daughter.
The 42-year-old shot dead daughters Taylor, 22, and Madison, 17, after a row inside their home in Houston, Texas.
Sheats called a family meeting on Friday to discipline Taylor, who was due to be married in a few days.
The mother pointed a gun at her husband, Jason Sheats, and then shot each daughter one time in the house, Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls said.
She then fired more shots inside as Mr Sheats and their daughters fled.

The founder of a popular dating app wants to see more people committing the 'ultimate sin' in romance

whitney wolfe
In a recent interview with Sophia Amoruso on the #Girlboss Radio podcast, Whitney Wolfe discussed the experiences that motivated her to found Bumble, a dating app through which women can ask out men — but not the other way around.
Wolfe told Amoruso why the app "really turns the rules on society's head":
"I can't tell you how many times in college I had a crush on a guy, or I thought a guy was cute, and I would text him, and my friends would be like, 'You just committed the ultimate sin.' Like, 'What have you done? You texted him first?'
"No thank you. … It's so outdated, and it's so needed for something to come in and say 'enough.'"

15-year-old boy who was dragged from his tent and mauled by a hyena at SA park, loses eyes

Five surgeons worked around the clock at Milpark Hospital last Sunday to rebuild the face of 15-year-old Erco 'Boela' Janse van Rensburg after he was mauled by a hyena at the Kruger National Park (KNP) South Africa.

According to the Park's spokesperson William Mabasa, on Sunday, June 26, a hyena entered the Crocodile Bridge campsite in the park around 04:30 and attacked the boy. It dragged him 30m from his tent and mauled him.

"The hyena attacked the 15-year-old boy, who was sleeping in one of the tents with his parents." Mabasa said.
He suffered extensive injuries to his eyes and the bones and soft tissue in his face. He is now under sedation, but he reacts to doctors and nurses in ICU. Sadly it appears that he has lost one of his eyes. A spokesperson for the family from a prayer support group said. 

'That's nativism. Or xenophobia. Or worse': Obama unloads in an extended rant about Trump

Barack Obama

President Barack Obama unloaded on Donald Trump in a lengthy rant during a Wednesday press conference in Canada, implying that Trump is not really a "populist" and is instead exploiting people for his own gain.
Without ever mentioning the presumptive Republican presidential nominee by name, Obama implicitly attacked Trump for using the populist label to mask his appeals to what he described as nativist and xenophobic sentiments within the US electorate.

14 surprising psychological reasons someone might fall in love with you

Jay Z Beyonce
Love is many things: butterflies and giggles, happiness and comfort, commitment and best friendship.
But love, alas, is not easy to find.
How and why do two people click? We dug into years of psychological research to find some answers. And in the process, we busted some myths and learned that certain clichés turn out to be actually true.
This is an update of an article written by Drake Baer 

61 year old father of 2 finds true love with his rubber sex doll girlfriend

Senji Nakajima, a 61 year old father of two has boasted that he is in a relationship with his rubber sex doll girlfriend called Saori - after falling for her personality.
Senji bought the life size doll to satisfy his sexual urges six years ago while away from his wife on work duties but then months later Mr Nakajima, from Tokyo claims their physical relationship has blossomed into something more - and they have taken it to another level.

Senji lives with his rubber doll girlfriend in the same house, sleep on the same bed, constantly 'makes love' to her, takes her on shopping sprees strapped to a wheel chair, bathes her and even dresses her up for romantic nights.

Dozens dead after 3 suicide bombings rock Istanbul's international airport

turkey ataturkParamedics help a man in a wheelchair at Turkey's largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk, after a blast on June 28. REUTERS/Osman Orsal
  • At least 41 people killed.
  • More than 200 injured.
  • Three attackers dead.
  • Police officers and foreign nationals are among those wounded.
  • Air traffic at Ataturk Airport has returned to normal.
Dozens were killed after three suicide bombers blew themselves up at Turkey's largest airport, Istanbul Ataturk, around 10 p.m. local time on Tuesday.
At least 41 people have died, according to Istanbul's governor Vasip Sahin. Turkish officials on Wednesday said that among the dead were 23 Turkish citizens and 13 foreigners. Among the foreign victims are four Saudis, an Iranian, and a Ukrainian. At least 239 people were wounded in the ambush, including police officers and foreign nationals, Sahin confirmed.
Air traffic has returned to normal at the airport.

NFL player Zurlon Tipton shoots himself dead while retrieving his gun from his car

NFL player Zurlon Tipton died on Tuesday June 28th, after accidentally shooting himself at a Michigan car dealership, according to reports from The Detroit News.

26 year old Zurlon pulled into the service bay at a Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram dealership in Roseville, Michigan, at around 9:30 a.m on Tuesday and reached for a duffel bag, which had two guns inside. One of the guns accidentally went off and shot Tipton in the stomach according to reports from Police

Mentally deranged man beheads 70-year-old farmer, roams around with victim's head


A 70-year year old farmer was on Tuesday, June 28 beheaded by a mentally deranged man at Akpafu-Menpease in the Hohoe municipality of the Volta region, Ghana.

The suspect identified as Emmanuel Kadidze, 56, was said to have murdered Samuel Okiti in the early hours of Tuesday, while he was on his way to the farm.

Kadidze, who is said to be mentally unstable was seen roaming the community with the head of the victim, which drew attention.

Istanbul Ataturk Airport terror attack: CCTV shows suicide bomber fire on crowds in massacre that left 36 dead

A weapon is seen on the floor at Ataturk airport
Witnesses have described the bloodshed and carnage after three suicide bombers opened fire then blew themselves up in Istanbul's main international airport.

A total of 36 people are dead and close to 150 wounded after an attacker sprayed the departures hall with an automatic rifle, sending passengers diving for cover and trying to flee, before all three blew themselves up in the arrivals hall a floor below, witnesses and officials said.

Turkey's prime minister said it appears to have been an attack by ISIS terrorists.

CCTV has emerged that appears to show one of the gunmen, wearing a dark jacket and red top, aiming an assault rifle.

Most of those killed were Turkish nationals but foreigners were also among the dead, a Turkish official said.

The Foreign Office said it was "urgently seeking further information" about possible British casualties.
Suicide bomber with machine gun at Ataturk Airport during terror attack
This CCTV grab shown by a Turkish news channel appears to show one of the attackers take aim with an assault rifle

Monday, June 27, 2016

Nigerian Participant of 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship, John Paul Usman Passes On

John Paul Usman
John Paul Ojaojogwu Usman
A 2016 Mandela Wahington Fellow John Paul Ojaojogwu Usman on Saturday passed on after an accident while hiking near Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he was studying Civic Leadership.
The U.S Mission to Nigeria in a statement said:
We extend our deepest condolences to John Paul’s family and friends over this tragic loss.  John Paul was a rising star, devoted to the causes of sustainable development, children’s rights, and peace building in Nigeria.  His selection to the Mandela Washington Fellowship was a tribute to his drive, talent, and dedication to making his country’s civil society even stronger.
One of John Paul’s professional mentors at Virginia Tech put it best, “While his time with us was short, he was well loved.”  This young man will be remembered fondly as a great citizen ambassador of his country.  We mourn his passing.

Woman and Her Siblings Allegedly Murder Her Husband Over Extramarital Afairs

A woman and her siblings in Benue allegedly murdered her husband over extramarital affairs, a family source claims.
The deceased Godwin Abuul was a lecturer in the Theatre Arts Department of the College of Education, Oju in Benue state. The source said that the deceased went missing some weeks ago after he said he was travelling to Katsina/Ala – a local government area in the state.
The source told Vanguard that the clothes of the deceased was found with a man who the police arrested immediately.
The source said that the suspect confessed that the lecturer was beating to death by his wife’s siblings for cheating on his wife. The wife and all those involved were then arrested by the Force.

Police Begin Investigation Into Alleged Brutality by Its Officers in Rivers State | Watch

The Nigerian Police Force has begun investigation into the alleged police brutality reported in Rivers state.
The Force’ Complaints Response Unit made the disclosure on their Facebook page, saying:
CRU has reviewed a video in circulation on the Social Media in respect of subject.
Investigation has been initiated, Tracking Number is #‎CRU426427‬
The act was allegedly carried out at Graceland, by Oyigbo, Rivers State Police Unit while they were trying to arrest a man.

Beyonce & Kendrick Lamar shut down the 2016 BET Awards Stage with an opening performance

Beyonce opened up the 2016 BET Awards at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles with a surprise performance of Freedom. Performing a high-energy choreography with back up dancers from her Formation world tour, she looked amazing in a black sequined bodysuit and was later joined by rapper Kendrick Lamar on the water filled stage. See more photos  after the cut...

Sergio Aguero and Javier Mascherano follow Lionel Messi in quitting international football

Argentina and Manchester city footballer Sergio Aguero and Barcelona player Javier Mascherano have followed Lionel Messi to quit international football after suffering a heart breaking Copa America final loss to Chile early this morning.

Decapitated and mutilated body of missing Abuja-based woman Charity Aiyedogbon found (very graphic)

Remember this lady Charity Aiyedogbon? We put up a missing person notice for her on a story in May. The Abuja-based mother of four went missing on May 9 after she announced she was going on road trip. The extremely sad update is that her badly mutilated body been found, according to a family member. It was found in the bushes close to a stream by school children on Bwari Expressway, Dutse Abuja. Read more *viewer Discretion advised*

According to a Facebook page called Justice For CHACHA:

"Over the last couple of days, since we announced that Charity Aiyedogbon aka Deepdeal ChaCha Dehammer, has been presumed dead, we have been inundated with questions as to what evidence we have to have reached our conclusion.
After thorough examination of the clues which have been in full view and positive identification by those most intimate with Chacha we have surmised thus.
That the decapitated and mutilated body of the woman, found on the Bwari Expressway, Dutse Abuja, opposite the Lower Usman Dam on the 12th of May 2016, belongs to Mrs Charity Aiyedogbon.
The mutilated and decomposing body was found by school children who were playing in the bushes close to a stream and was reported to the Bwari Council, Environmental Sanitation Department who disposed of the body in accordance with the law.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Who you're most likely to marry based on your job

couple bride groom wedding

Love and work — who knew the two were so intimately connected? Based on new research by Bloomberg Business, it turns out that your job could help you predict who you'll end up marrying. 
By scanning US Census Bureau data covering 3.5 million households, Bloomberg compiled this cool interactive chart that shows how people are pairing up by profession.
Here are the most common matchups for 27 jobs:

It’s the end of Europe as we know it

statue of churchill old man walking londonStefan Wermut/Reuters
The citizens of the United Kingdom have voted to leave the European Union.
In doing so, they have undone a half-millennium of work toward pacifying the most war-torn continent on the planet earth.
Europe has always been at war with itself. The Pax Romana never fully pacified the Germanic tribes. Strife was frequent through the Middle Ages. The battle of Agincourt solidified enmity between the English and the French.
The Thirty Years War was one of the bloodiest conflicts in the history of mankind. The Napoleonic Wars shook the world. And the world wars of the 20th century killed about half as many people as had existed on the entire planet at the time Julius Caesar conquered Britain for Rome 2,000 years earlier.


50 kitts

Yes, we checked. It’s Curtis Jackson that was arrested, not Samuel Jackson.
TMZ is reporting that after a show in St. Kitts last night, 50 Cent was arrested for using profanity in public. Specifically, the word “motherf*cker,” which 50 didn’t shy away from screaming into a microphone, due to his DJ not having a clean version of the song being performed.
Fif was allowed to finish his set, but cops were waiting for him when he left the stage to arrest him and take him into custody. It’s a misdemeanor charge, but because it’s the weekend, Curtis will have to hang out in St. Kitts until court business resumes on Monday.



It’s that time of the year again. June is almost over and the 15th annual BET Awards air tonight [Sunday, June 26] on BET Networks at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST. Among those receiving an award tonight is Samuel L. Jackson, who will be honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award.
The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to those who are recognized for their contributions throughout the course of their careers. BET has awarded various artists, humanitarians and actors with the award over the years. Artists such as Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Smokey Robinson, Earth, Wind & Fire, Prince, Diana Ross and Gladys Knight, have been awarded this honor.

British-Nigerian Anthony Joshua defeats Dominic Breazeale in seventh round KO to retain IBF heavyweight title

British-Nigerian heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua won the first defence of his International Boxing Federation title in a fight against American boxer Dominic Breazeale at the 02 Arena last night.

Nine musicians die in Kenya boat accident

Nyanza regional head of police, Willy Lugusa, disclosed that 9 musicians lost their lives yesterday June 25th when their boat capsized on the Kenyan side of Lake Victoria while 17 other passengers in the vessel were rescued.
"The bodies of the other nine are yet to be recovered. We believe they are dead for now," Lugusa said.
Police said the boat was carrying artists of the Boyieta Wuod Awasi music group to Ndenda Island in western Kenya, where the group was expected to perform Saturday evening.

Possible human remains found in deadly California wildfire

June 24, 2016: Rick Gutierrez, right, and wife, Jean, take a short break while putting out hotspots on their neighbor's property near Mountain Mesa, Calif.
Authorities may have found human remains Saturday within a voracious wildfire in central California that has claimed two lives and burned 150 homes.
The tally rose from 80 homes as firefighters began going through neighborhoods to count houses and mobile homes incinerated by the blaze.
In one mobile home, they found what appears to be a set of human remains, but because they were so badly burned forensic investigators will have to determine whether they belonged to a person or animal, Kern County Sheriff's spokesman Ray Pruitt said.

Fred Amata Allegedly Robbed, Car Jacked & Assaulted by Robber

According ng to a Facebook post by Matthias Obahiagbon, Nollywood actor and President of Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN) Fred Amata was assaulted yesterday by armed robbers who also made away with his car and other valuables.
See what his friend posted on Facebook below:
“He was on his way back from a business dinner, on behalf of his guild, very tired and looking forward to the warmth of his bed. As he waited almost endlessly for the street gate to be opened by the security guards, lo and behold some four fierce looking gun-toting men appeared from the dark night, no thanks to PHCN, and off they went with him as captive in his own car. After stripping him of some valuables it was time to demand for the now famous ATM. What is it about these criminals and ATMs, especially at weekends?  Each time his response to giving them the ATM was in the negative his face was visited with slaps. Who do we hold responsible for the blatant abuse, assault, and stealing with impunity of this night marauders? However, we are thankful he is alive to tell his story after he was dropped off miles away from his home without shoes. These were taken from him, though he begged that they allow him have his clothes on as a public figure. Na God touch their heart there. Luckily the police drove him home in a patrol vehicle at almost 3am. A report of his stolen vehicle has been made to the police; a signal already sent across Lagos state; one of his many phone lines retrieved; and a phone bought for easy communication.”

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Boy, 12, kicked out of school for visiting dying grandad with his heartbroken family

Josh Palfrey who has lost his place at Barr Beacon School after visiting his dying grandad

A young boy has lost his place at his secondary school - for visiting his dying grandad.
Josh Palfrey was kicked out of Barr Beacon School in Walsall for travelling to Alaska to carry out his grandfather’s final wish, according to the Birmingham Mail.
Arthur Palfrey, aged 83, had said he wanted his family around him when he slipped away.
Last night Josh made a plea to be allowed back into school, where he says he has lots of friends.
He said: “Please allow me to come back to school. I only left to visit my dying granddad in Alaska.”
Senior staff, however, are standing firm.
They say that Josh’s father was warned of the official policy and the repercussions of snubbing those rules.
Birmingham Mail

Lourdes is the image of her mum Madonna as she nips out without a bra

That's thin material, girl
The resemblance is uncanny when you compare pictures of Lourdes with a young Madge in 1979.
And the revealing top seems to suggest she has followed mum’s advice to skimp on the Material, Girl.
The pair enjoy a close relationship and Lourdes even has a tattoo tribute across her right knuckles which reads “Mom”.

Angry Father Storms UNIZIK To Beat His Daughter's Abusive Boyfriend (Photos)

An abusive boyfriend got more than he bargained for after he was beaten by his girlfriend's father.. According to an online report, the girl's father and her brother stormed his school, Nnamdi Azikwe University (Unizik), Awka, Anambra State -to deal with boy who is allegedly fond of beating the girl.

The father sternly warned the boy not to go near his daughter again else he would kill him. The boy was given some hot slaps by the man while his son watched and stood guard. The boy later went on his knees to plead with aggrieved family.

As my girl died in my arms I kept thinking I could've stopped her skin cancer

Freja Nicholson

Freja on her 18th, wearing favourite black dress

They should be precious snapshots of a life that ended all too soon.
But instead of relishing happy memories, the single mum is overcome with grief and guilt.
She can’t help but wonder which of the sun-drenched pictures shows the day her daughter Freja received her life sentence.
Last November, aged 18, the ­beautiful, intelligent student died from skin cancercaused by sun damage.
Now Jennifer, 50, blames herself for not religiously applying sun cream on Freja’s fair skin in the hot British summers of her childhood. Doctors say that if she had, Freja might still be alive.

Simon AshtonJennifer Nicholson
Jennifer Nicholson

In a desperate plea, Jennifer urges other parents to safeguard their children.
She says: “There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t wish I could go back and just take five minutes to put suncream on her delicate young skin when I mistakenly thought there was no danger.
“No mother should see her child die. I cradled mine in my arms as she took her last breaths and with her a part of me died too.
“You never think it’ll be your child and you never think the sun in Britain could be fierce enough to kill, but Freja’s story is proof that it is.

Port-Harcourt Is Hot'- Girl Who Was Attacked By Robbers Shares Her Ordeal. Photos

A girl who was attacked by armed robbers in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state recently -has shared her experience in a bid to warn others. Twitter user Adaeze Jacinth took to her timeline to post pictures of herself at the hospital receiving treatment after the attack. 

She also wrote;

I was attacked by robbers along stadium road/ MuymmyB junction. Be careful about dis road in night. These robbers pose as taxi drivers BTW 9pm & above in Ph. Be careful public. Port-Harcourt is hot. I am victim

Taylor Swift 'livid and betrayed' over Kanye West Famous video which sees her sleeping naked with star (and 11 others...)

The 39-year-old rapper's video for his new song portrays a number of naked celebrities - including Ray J, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Anna Wintour, Rihanna and Chris Brown - in bed with Kanye and his wife Kim Kardashian West and Taylor is livid that she has been included.
Some of the celebrities reportedly took part, while others, including Taylor, are lookalikes.
Taylor is said to be livid over the video