Saturday, March 5, 2016

Lara Owoeye-wise endorsed the #nigerian student & youth corpers discount card @nsycdc

Dear parents,
I joyfully and proudly bring this good news your way this morning. Please, read carefully and spread the news around.
In the face of the current biting economic crunch, our students and youth Corp members get to pay the same amount of money for goods and services that working class people pay for. If I board a flight to anywhere, I, Lara owoeye-wise, who is gainfully employed pay the same airfare with a student or youth Corper who depends on his parents hard-earned salary for a living.
The students pay the same prices in hotels, restaurants, boutiques and even cinemas.
But all that is about to change!
The Nigerian Students and Youth Corpers' Discount Card is a ticket to massive discounts for university students and youth corners.
Anywhere this class of beneficiaries sees the sign '' NIGERIAN STUDENTS' AND YOUTH CORPERS' DISCOUNT CARD ACCEPTED HERE " they can walk in and enjoy from 0-50% discount on goods and services, using their card. 

This noble initiative is e-fraud protected as each carrier's face will be embossed
on his or her card which comes with specialised personalised digits and the cards will only be issued from the universities directly to students.
I am extremely excited about this as it will save parents a lot of money. Students will pay less for more and will manage their meagre allowances better.
And for business owners, this initiative will draw more customers to you.
It will be officially launched on the 21st of March, 2016 and then, the discounts will begin.
Should you want to make more enquiries, please, contact
Twitter : @nsycdc
Phone : 07033363942.
I, Lara Owoeye-wise, fully and wholeheartedly support and endorse the Nigerian Students' and Youth Corpers' Discount Card initiative.