Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why sign up for the Nigerian Students Youth Corpers Discount Card ? @nsycdc

  • As a student, funds are limited and expenses are big. And when your capacity to earn money is limited by your ambition to get a good degree, you need to maximise all the savings available to you. One of the wonderful perks of being a student is that businesses are throwing discounts at you all the time. You are a prime marketing audience, now and in the future. Because of that, businesses want to engage with you and buy your brand loyalty early on. That’s fantastic news for your wallet.
    Theres no student discount schemes around, but with The NSYCDC comprehensive discount scheme is packed with benefits as the Student Advantage Card.
    So, what are the benefits of the Student Advantage Card and what makes it better than the other schemes available? Read on to find out.
  •  Launched in 2015 the NSYCDC Card team have teamed up with thousands of businesses to bring you the kind of discounts worth signing up for. It is the number one alternative student discount card in the Nigeria 

  • You have to be a University student or Youth Corper
  • Massive Discounts
  • Exclusive discounts not available anywhere else
  • Online and offline discounts
  • A great gift