Sunday, February 28, 2016

Why Not Bimbo Daramola? ::::

At a time like this, it is more important to talk about one quintessential leader whom the youth wink of Ekiti indegenes both home and in diaspora have tipped to be the next Governor of Ekiti State to foster speedy growth and development. Though, the man in the saddle, Hon Bimbo Daramola might be so reluctant to key into this agenda for 'obvious reasons' but one thing stays sacrosanct, even if he says no and God says yes, what can he do? He should again remember that vox populi vox dei.
For clarity, our dearest Congressman, pride of Ekiti modern politics, Hon.Bimbo Daramola's persona is derived from the sterner stuff of life, the compulsive need to weave enduring strands or legacies that would out-live one and the desire to be a change agent in the discharge of the social contract. A man of great patience and tolerance, his scruples border on the fundamental assumption that life is a selfless service in which there is more to gain in giving of one’s time, energy and resources than in being a docile recipient of its offerings.
Spurred by this, Bimbo Daramola is not only detribalized in the true sense of it but believes in the Nigerian enterprise and strives within acceptable codes to uphold the sacredness of the country’s values. His visions are ennobled by his belief that the progress of society is predicated on qualitative leadership that aspires to enthrone enduring change through quantum developmental leaps, which are being profoundly demonstrated by him in every office he occupies.
Ekiti needs a man with flawless track records and reputation, a man with vision, character, competence and exposure. If God says yes who can say no? If not Bimbo Daramola then who? The youths are the drivers of true change for progress and the good of the society. Be part of this paradigm shift..Nitori Ojo Ola Wa!!!!