Monday, February 1, 2016

Two AK47s and more than 200 guns and knives surrendered as stabbed teacher joins amnesty call

This footage shows the huge weapon haul handed in to police after calls from teacher who was stabbed in the classroom.
Bradford teacher Vincent Uzomah joined the campaign for people to give up their weapons.
Two AK47s were among the 80 guns given up along with 150 knives in the West Yorkshire Police campaign.
Mr Uzomah was working as a teacher at Dixons Kings Academy in Bradford in June last year when he was stabbed by a teenage boy.

Youtube/West Yorkshire Police
Guns: Two AK47s handed in
The 14-year-old "racist" schoolboy stabbed his teacher in the stomach because he didn't like being disciplined by a black man, Bradford Crown Court heard last year.
The teen was jailed for 11 years .
Haul: Around 230 weapons were surrendered
His victim, 51-year-old Mr Uzomah from Leeds, said of the amnesty: "The response has been very impressive.
"Well done to those who responded to this noble call, and surrendered their weapons."
West Yorkshire Police's temporary assistant chief constable Angela Williams added: "Some of these weapons are clearly very dangerous.
"Now they will not find their way on to the streets of our communities.
Youtube/West Yorkshire Police
Weapons: West Yorkshire Police's amnesty
"They will not be used for criminal activity or to hurt or at worse kill someone."
She added: “Weapons surrenders like this are very important and even though we have had these handed in we cannot afford to be and will not be complacent.
"Over the weekend, for example, we had a firearms discharge in Huddersfield which is currently being investigated.”