Thursday, February 25, 2016

Stripper Leaves Her 2-Year-Old Alone At Home To Die In NY Fire

Yesterday, the internet blew up as soon as this extremely disturbing story broke.
A stripper by the name of Leila Aquino left her two-year-old daughter home alone during the middle of the night to go “work” an afties spot in New York. At around 7AM, a fire started in her building and her daughter, Kaleenah Muldrow, unfortunately lost her life. The fire department found the little girl under the bed, as it appears she was trying to hide from the flames of the burning fire.
Leila came home at around 9AM to realize there was a fire in her building along with the fact her toddler was no longer alive. She had told authorities (and her baby father) that she had a sitter watching her daughter. However, police questioned the baby sitter about it, and she had informed them that she stopped working for Aquino months prior due to the fact she wouldn’t pay her.

To make matters even worse, Aquino was already under investigation by Children’s Services for poor parenting such as leaving her child home alone on other numerous occasions. She was arrested for reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child.
Now stripper or not, no parent in their right mind should be leaving their child home alone during ANY time of the day unsupervised. But to make it even worse, I heard from inside sources that she wasn’t even technically “working” at the strip club, but instead attending an after hour spot with a man she was having relations with. I respect anyone’s hustle to make some money, but once it is endangering poor innocent children’s lives, that’s when it becomes an entirely different issue. A few extra dollars isn’t worth your child losing their life or spending the rest of your life in prison for failing as a parent.
I respect the dancers who find sitters for the children while they go out and make a living. Not everyone has a 9-5 and that is perfectly acceptable, but it is all how you go about the situation. What this female did was absolutely DISGRACEFUL, and now a sweet little girl had to suffer.
Such an absolute horrific tragedy. May the sweet little angel rest in peace!