Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Six reasons why you should not do this on Valentine’s day

It’s one day out of year when people are encouraged to go out of their way and be extra romantic.
During Valentine’s Day, so many evils are committed in the name of celebrating love.
Men go all out to spoil their women and some of the women feel they have to pay back in a way by giving him whatever he wants.
Some feel if a guy spoils you with gifts, you owe him, reducing Valentine’s Day to a cleverly orchestrated business transaction: You give me things, I give you S3@.x:’.
For most people, S3@.x:’ is an important part of Valentine’s Day. Whether or not people are in a relationship, S3@.x:’ seems like a big part Valentine’s Day package.

Before you decide to take off your clothes for a few minutes of fun, think again and again about the implication of your action.
Below are reasons why you should not have S3@.x:’ on Valentine’s Day.
1. S3@.x:’ually Transmitted Diseases are for real: STDs don’t have respect for age, colour or race. No matter your age, you could still get infected. It only takes having S3@.x:’ one time with an infected partner to get infected yourself. Most people with STDs are not even aware they have it. Love is beautiful thing, STDs are not. Don’t put yourself at risk.
2. You’re not immune to pregnancy: If children are not in your near future, you should think twice before deciding to roll underneath the sheets. Every year, thousands of young girls end up with pregnancies they did not plan for and they are abandoned by the men who claimed they loved them in the heat of passion. When you are left to face the consequences alone, you are faced with two options, keep the baby or abort it. Which will you choose?
3. Condoms are not perfect: You might be thinking you can prevent STDs and pregnancy with condom but it’s a known fact that condoms are not a 100% safe. Remember condoms can break.
4. You don’t want to live with regrets: You don’t want to wake the next day wishing you did not do it. It might be fun while it lasts but you might end up with more regrets afterwards. Having S3@.x:’ comes with its own psychological risks.
5. S3@.x:’ on Valentine’s Day is overrated: There is very little about it left that is still special and different. There are lots of other things you can do besides S3@.x:’ that can be very romantic and S3@.x:’y.
6. S3@.x:’ is not love: Don’t get it twisted. Just because someone has S3@.x:’ with you doesn’t mean they love you. Ask the prostitutes who sleep with different men for a living. Majority of the time people have S3@.x:’ just to have S3@.x:’ and not for love.