Saturday, February 20, 2016


My dear young folks in the tertiary institutions in Nigeria. I write you out of care and concern. Because I truly do. In 2002 I was involved in an effort that ensured that sitting for "almighty JAMB" won't give you and your parents nightmare as it used to be. I was involved in putting together a JAMB endorsed Publication that had worked out answers of questions over 21 years in 12 subjects and with a CD ROM attached . With that effort a lot of young people went on to pass JAMB without fear and recourse to "miracle centers " we had people who earned their scores . It's been 12 years after many have gone on to become engineers , lawyers , medical doctors etc and the mails chronicling their testimonies remain my eternal joy. A candle lighting another does not extinguish the light or reduce the glow of the other.

Today I'm endorsing another initiative that will make life easier on and for you in the face of the prevailing economic realities of dwindling purchasing power of income from your parents , at no fault of theirs of that of the present government. While this reality lasts I have pride in recommending to you another initiative that will give you opportunity to do more for less through our corporate partners . How fair is it for you students to pay the same amount on ticket fare from Lagos to abuja with somebody who works? Or pay the same fare with a gainfully employed person if you are going to report for youth service? Think about the opportunities that this initiative will offer you on books, clothing accommodation , health care etc .i think you deserve some attention to stay focused in school. That s why I am staying up at this hour to let you know about this initiative that will save more for you . The choice is yours my friends . For more information please call ASHLEY ON 08130980884. BEST WISHES AS YOU PREPARE FOR YOUR FUTURE WITH WISE CHOICES . I CARE. TRULY SO.