Monday, February 15, 2016

Do You Live In Abuja? Do You Have A Whole sale or Retail Business,Supermarket,Fast Food,or any service that Deals With Youth Corpers & students? Hurry Register With The #NSYCDC @nsycdc

It No more News That with  the current economic down  trend business within abuja & the world  will need to be more innovate to drive traffic and sales for them to barley survive ,One Laudable way to stay afloat is by peaking into the future which is Registering with (NSYCDC) Nigerian Student & youth Corpers Discount Card Scheme 
Because Offering discounts can be a powerful weapon in your conversion sales arsenal and you can do significant damage to your brand or worse, become unprofitable not being innovative or taking a lead 

Benefits of the Nigerian Students Youth Corpers Discount Card 

• It is the only scheme created To improve the standard of living of students & youth corpers  by increasing their purchasing power through discounts & bringing a system of value, savings and convenience for card holders.

• The Trajectory of the NSYCDC Program Impacts on Promoting the well-being of students and youth corpers by maximizing available resources
• The NSYCDC core goal is To meet the financial commitments and curb the financial challenges faced by students and NYSC members
• A national identity of a verified student status upon issuance and collection of the card including display and use during purchases at partner organizations

How it Works 
1. New and current students during their academic year can apply and enrol for the NS&YC discount card all year round.
2. Corp members when deployed to their respective states can apply and enrol for the NS&YC discount card when they are through with their 3 weeks orientation camp training.
3. Once this card has been issued and activated, the bearer can purchase various brands of goods and services at a discounted price ranging from 5% to 50% discount depending on the service provider and product seller.
4. The card will have a large number of local and National businesses offering discounts to NYSC members in Nigeria. 
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