Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mum threatening suicide from bridge tells police body of baby is in her freezer

The Seven Mile Bridge, Florida
Suicide attempt: Police tracked Paola Vargas-Ortiz down to the Seven Mile Bridge
A distressed mother who called police while threatening to commit suicide from a bridge told cops her baby son was dead in her freezer, authorities said.
Paola Vargas-Ortiz was found on the Seven Mile Bridge in Florida after raising the alarm at around 3pm on Sunday claiming to have ingested rat poison.
Officers grew concerned when they discovered baby-related items in her car nearby, Monroe County sheriff's spokeswoman Becky Herrin said.
Vargas-Ortiz initially told officers a number of different stories, including that she had throw her son into the water below the bridge and that the tot was safe with relatives.

She later confessed that the infant was dead inside the freezer of her home in Homestead, Herrin said.
Police attended the house and made the grim discovery.
Vargas-Ortiz is believed to have told officers the baby drowned after he 'slipped' from her hands while she was bathing him, the Miami Herald reported.

The cause of death is as yet unknown. A post mortem is due to take place.
No charges have been filed against Vargas-Ortiz, who is to undergo a mental health evaluation .