Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Colombian Authorities Are Confirming That A Body Found Next To Road Belongs To Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

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 Colombian Authorities Are Confirming That A Body That Was Recovered On The Side Of The Road Today Belongs To Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar.
9:30 am – A Colombian farmer was going into town early monday morning when he seen a body laying on the side of the road. He immediately got out to check if there was sign of life but he quickly determined that it was a dead body and called local police.
When the Colombian authorities arrived to the scene they did not expect anything out of the ordinary and took the dead body to the local coroner specialist to determine how he was killed and the identity of the body.
When the coroner announced in shock who it was people had a very hard time believing him, until a group of specialist were brought in 1 was even from the United States and also gave them the same results

Local Colombia Soccer Team Posted This Tweet Earlier Today
Colombia Soccer Team Tweet
(Cant Believe Pablo Escobar Body Was Found today how did he fake his death? this is crazy)
The pictures of the body have not been released yet but as soon as word got around that the body of Pablo Escobar has been found in his hometown hundreds of people rushed to the spot of where his body was found.
The Colombian Government has not made any type of announcement yet about the finding of Pablo Escobar body.
We are not sure how Pablo managed to fake his own death back in 1993 but we expect some type of corruption was involved.

Additional details and information will be updated as it becomes available. This story is still developing