Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Woman told she was 'too ugly to love' because of birthmark ditches makeup in candid photographs

Lexxie Harford, 23
Brave: Lexxie Harford, has stopped hiding behind makeup
A woman told her large facial birthmark made her 'too ugly to love' has decided she will no longer hide it behind makeup.
Lexxie Harford, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, has gained more than 100,000 likes after posting photographs revealing the red mark, which covers the right hand side of her face, on social media site Imgur .
The 23-year-old wrote that she wanted to start an open discussion to help debunk myths surrounding birthmarks.
The graphic designer and illustrator said it wasn't until she was nine years old that she released she was 'different' and as a teenager, she would cover her birthmark with makeup.
However, she said that one day she decided that she wasn't prepared to mask her face any more, and says "it's never bothered me since".

Lexxie Harford, 23
Lexxie revealed that she had turned down offers to appear on television dating shows featuring people with people with medical conditions - including TLC's Too Ugly For Love? and Channel 4's The Undateables.
She added that if people with birthmarks accepted themselves "they really wouldn't go on a show like that".
Lexxie, who also revealed she has one green and one blue eye, took to social media, posting selfies of her face, and says she has been left overwhelmed with the positive response.
Along with the images, she posted: "A lot of people are curious, or a lot of people with birthmarks cover them, so I like to raise awareness."
The questions came rolling in.
SilverLexxie / ImgurLexxie Harford, 23
Angry: Lexxie said she had been mistaken for a domestic violence victim
In response to one about public reaction she wrote: 'I've gotten the odd asshole who asked who hit me, but it's been rare.
"Sometimes I'm asked if it's a bruise.
"Doesn't offend me."
In another she explained: "I'm absolutely not self conscious about it at all.
"I actually like it a lot."
Lindydanny responded: "Gal I went to school with had one like yours.
"I regret often how I treated her.
"I don't know her now, though i hope she is well and happy."
To which Lexxie replied: '"This post made me happy.
"Like, in the way of you admitting that.
"I hope she's happy too, but also proud of you. :)"
ZeroZeta added: "Your birthmark looks awesome!"
SilverLexxie / ImgurLexxie Harford, 23
Change: Lexxie used to cover her face with makeup
And IAmYourSenpai wrote: "I still think you're gorgeous with or without it."
Lexxie told 3m360 News : "It was really amazing in terms of the fact that I've always wanted to raise awareness; I just never figured out how.
"The next time they see someone with a birthmark they won't forget.
"They'll know what it is and they won't get freaked out."
She told BBC 5 live's Chris Warburton that she wants to "teach people what a birthmark actually is" so that people who also have them will feel "more comfortable to show them off".