Friday, December 18, 2015

Mum whose rapist ex-fiance pulled out her teeth can smile again thanks to kind-hearted dentist

Unidentified victim of rapist and serial abuser Donald Jeffrey
Unsuspecting: Amber didn't know what Jeffrey was capable of
A mum whose rapist ex-fiance ripped her teeth out with pliers will be able to smile again, thanks to a kind-hearted dentist.
Brave Amber, 48, told how sick Donald Jeffrey demanded she “Get the f******g pliers” before yanking out her front teeth and then making her pose in front of a mirror.
But now Amber will have her smile restored after the offer from Glasgow dentist Mark Skimming, who saw the shocking images of her missing teeth.
Amber said: “When I was told that a dentist had heard my story and wanted to help, I was over the moon.
“It’s hard to live with as every time I see my reflection I’m still faced with the past.
“I’ve been to the NHS and to the dental hospital, who told me that I hadn’t suffered enough trauma to warrant having them done. So now this means the world and instead of being reminded of the past, I can concentrate on my future.
“I’m just so grateful and I can’t thank them enough. I’ll be able to smile again.”
Unidentified victim of rapist and serial abuser Donald Jeffrey
Horrific: Amber was made to pose in front of a mirror
Mark, of Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow, said: “The terrible abuse Amber suffered was highlighted to us by a number of our team and patients.
“We are looking forward to helping put the experience behind her by restoring her smile and giving her the confidence to live her life without the constant reminder of this extremely traumatic event.”
Mum Amber, from Glasgow, was one of two women who came forward to put Jeffrey in jail for at least 10 years.
She had had been friends with the thug for more than 23 years before they became a couple in 2008.
They got engaged in December 2009 but within months Jeffrey began to show his controlling and abusive side.
During a horrifying five-year campaign of violence, Jeffrey raped and beat her and threatened to throw her out of a 17th-floor window in March 2013.
In another attack the same year, he dropped dumbbells on to her and held her head under water in a freezing bath.
Amber bravely spoke out with Jeffrey’s other victim Jacqueline, 45. They told a jury of the violence they suffered at his hands during a harrowing trial at the High Court in Glasgow.