Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I'VE FOUND SOMEONE @fromviews1


              I've found someone who loves me a 100%, that loves everything about me, the way i talk, the way i look, the way i act, doesn't care what tribe i belong to , the color of my skin is perfect, she doesn't ask for much only thing is that i show her the kind of love she shows me. she just loves me unconditionally and has embraced me for so long, even though i treat her badly and i know she deserves much more, i know i should love her as much as she loves me, but somehow i cant, is there something wrong?

               lets leave the personification aside, i know you were thinking 1) this is a typical boy meets girl story and 2) this girl i am talking about definitely doesn't exist. its not about any of that its about that kind of love you can only get from your mother. Its about being patriotic. let us reciprocate the love and take care of our country (NIGERIA) the way we would take care of someone we love.