Thursday, December 10, 2015

Dozens of AK 47's, ammunition uncovered in the home of APC Chieftain during police raid, thugs arrested


Photos and report as shared by Blessing Oyanimigha on Facebook today Thursday, December 10.
"On the 5th of dec, 2015, Bayelsa guber polls election in Oporoma, southern-ijaw headquaters unveiled on a bloody note with four persons gunned down and others sustaining various degrees of injuries from stray bullets and machetes, meted out on them by APC led militants on the order of Donald Egberien, former SSG Gideon Ekewei," she wrote.

Investigation revealed that, two buildings located in Oporoma belonging to Donald Egberibien and Mr Omiehi aka 'Oma tein kpo tein' was used as hide-out for militants,hoodlums imported into the town by APC chieftains, Donald Egberibien and Gideon Ekewei with the sole aim of disrupting the distribution of election materials and inflicting fear on potential voters.

Acting on a tip off, Police men aided by concerned citizens raided the hideout of these thugs and uncovered over 35 pieces of AK 47's and two bazookas being loaded with ammunition by the militants, to wreck more havoc on unsuspecting residents, but fortunately, the security operatives swooped-in, over powering the militants leading to their arrest.
The JTF was called by the police to assist in the transfer of arrested APC hoodlums,but on getting to the location, the military men released the militants, ordering their doctor to commence treatment on Gideon Ekewei's younger brother, Foncha Ekewei and other injured militants. 
At the time of filling-in this report, Several attempts to get clarification on the where abouts of Egberibien, Gideon Ekewei, Mr Omiehi aka 'Oma tein kpo tein and the arrested militants from the JTF command in bayelsa has been rebuffed.