Tuesday, December 8, 2015

2 men find €100k at the river, return to police & could get 5% of the money back

This happened to two Austrian men. They went to relax near the Danube river in Vienna, when the mega bucks floated by and they dived to collect it.
"On Saturday morning at 10 a.m., people called the police, as there were two young men in the Danube river apparently trying to retrieve cash," said Patrick Maierhofer, a spokesman for the Vienna Police.
Police arrived on the scene within minutes and saw that the men had retrieved the money which they handed over to them...

"So ... where did the money come from? There are many possibilities," police spokesman said. "But we think it is from a crime. In any normal case, someone wouldn't throw 100,000 euros in a river."

The young men who found the money -- one is 20, the other 22, police said -- will get 5% of it for having turned it over to police. But now the men in order to claim all the money, have to hope for two circumstances: that the money was indeed from a crime, so no one approaches police to claim it is theirs, and that the crime goes unsolved, so police have no way of returning it to the rightful owner.