Monday, November 9, 2015

Revealed the cause of the mysterious blue light in sky that sparked panic in California

Dazzling: Strange light spotted over California
A mysterious blue light streaking across the sky sparked panic on Saturday with people calling police with fears it was a flare, a comet or even a nuclear weapon.
The UFO flashed in the sky over southern California just after sunset and police and newspapers were inundated with calls from concerned members of the public.
Videos and photos were quickly posted online as people debated what it was on social media.
The light was reportedly seen as far away as Nevada - home of Area 51 - and Arizona.
However, it was later revealed to be an unarmed Trident missile fired from a Navy submarine, the USS Kentucky, off the coast.

YouTube/Julien SolomitaGlow: Sightings sparked social media debate
Glow: Sightings sparked social media debate
US Navy spokesman told the Union-Tribune it was part of a routine test in an area northwest of Los Angeles.
He added that the area was often used to ensure the reliability of weapons systems but as the tests are classified no advance warning was given of them.
YouTube/Julien SolomitaOrb: People took photos and video of odd light
Orb: People took photos and video of odd light
Flights in and out of Los Angeles were rerouted from November 6 to 12 to allow for the military activity.