Sunday, November 29, 2015

Justin Theroux: 9/11 was the best thing to happen to New Yorkers

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An extra on the set of HBO’s “The Leftovers” was offended by an off-handed remark Justin Theroux made about 9/11.
We’re told the hunky actor, who is married to Jennifer Aniston, was overheard saying in front of others on the show: “9/11 was the best thing that happened to NYers,” followed by a story about getting a deal on rent.
“He said at the end of the process, the landlord was so mad, they threw the keys at him,” said our tipster.
But a rep for Theroux, whose Greenwich Village apartment was profiled in the NY Times in 2003 for its eclectic décor made up of things he’d found in the trash, told us: “As a New Yorker and someone who has lived downtown for over 20 years, Justin would not make jest of 9/11.”