Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Can you spot the new cashpoint con? Crooks hiding miniature cameras to rob your security PIN

Cashpoint scam
Con: Can you spot the con?
A new cashpoint skimming device is being used by thieves to read people's PIN numbers at cashpoints.
British Transport Police (BTP) have released detailed photographs of the pinhole spy camera.
The images reveal how crooks attached two illegal gadgets to the ATM outside Sainsbury’s at Manchester's Piccadilly station.
A secret camera, covered in a grey tile, was fixed above the keypad to read the victims’ pin numbers.

MENCashpoint scam
Scam: The pinhole camera was placed above the keypad to read victims' PINs
MENCashpoint scam
Tiny: The pinhole camera is barely visible
A separate fake card slot was also placed over the genuine slot.
MENCashpoint scam
Sneaky: This device was placed over the card terminal
MENCashpoint scam
Cashpoint: A fake card slot is placed on top of the read one
The skimmer was recovered by officers on a busy Saturday lunchtime on November 7 after it was spotted by a cash machine user, reports the Manchester Evening News .
Earlier this month, officers in Manchester issued a fresh warning on Twitter: “Out at night & using an ATM? Be aware and shield your PIN.”
MENCashpoint scam
Hi-tech: The thieves can either trap or clone your card
Another hi-tech gadget used to by cashpoint thieves are 'Lebanese loops'.
One version of the device, which got its name due to its popularity with criminals in Beirut, works by retaining the cash card once a user has inputted their PIN.
When they go to complain the scammers take the card and as much cash as they can withdraw from another ATM.