Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Quotables: Unngh, Despicable Chris

"Whatever decision my man wants to make, I’m gonna rock with him. I’m not gonna fight any of his battles. But what decision you make…We see eye to eye on a lot of things. I just tell him, Hey, man, if you was dating some regular chick you wouldn’t be talked about." 

--Chris Brown speaking out on Tyga's "alleged" relationship with Kylie Jenner, which just gets more and more awful as more folks talk about it.

Honestly, we're not surprised that somebody as heinous as Chris Brown is totally OK with a 25-year-old man dating a 17-year-old girl who's probably confused as hell about life (because what 17-year-old knows it all, let alone someone with an accelerated upbringing ... like a Jenner). It makes sense, though, because Chris Brown and his actions are questionable at best.

And speaking of Rihanna, he said this about his most famous ex, too, which really leads you to be concerned about his state of being:
"We just cordial. I respect her space. She respects mine. It’s not too much talking, [because then] it gets to, 'Hey, we gonna hang out?' It’s just complicated."
"Complicated," right. Let's lay it down for you, Chris -- you don't harangue women into hanging out with you after you've punched out their lights, and you don't date and corrupt underage kids. How about that? Is that simple enough for you, brah? 

Giuliana Rancic Looks ... Better


That's Giuliana Rancic on the left at this year's Grammys, and also, Giuliana Rancic on the right at last night's Academy Awards. Both photos showcase a really, really thin Giuliana, but the getup -- and pose -- on the right seems to be a little less concerning and a bit more flattering.

You heard earlier in the morning that even stars like Naomi Watts "starve" themselves before awards shows, and while we're not insinuating that Giuliana is guilty of that particular practice, we are saying that we sure hope she isn't ... because there isn't all that much to lose there.

Awards season is nearly over ... everybody can just relax now, right?

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Damon Wayans Cancels Tour
Damon Wayans is postponing multiple tour stops after suffering a medical emergency related to his diabetes ... TMZ has learned.
The comedian was supposed to perform Saturday in Missouri, but sources close to Wayans tell us he's unable to fly right now because of his ongoing battle with Type 2 diabetes. He was diagnosed back in 2013. 
The Kansas City Improv Theater says it got word Tuesday Damon wouldn't be able to perform -- and our sources say there are going to be more cancellations down the road. He's already dropped a six-show engagement in Buffalo next month.  
We're told Damon will attempt to do shows if they're close enough for him to drive from L.A. -- but until his health improves all out-of-state gigs are on hold.

Xclusive Photos from the star-studded Vanity Fair post-Oscars party

Beyonce, Jay Z, Jennifer Lopez, Heidi Klum, Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Hart and many more A-listers attended the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party last night. See more photos after the cut...