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Nnamdi Azikiwe Uni students design formular student race car

Five final year students of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, have designed and fabricated a formula student race car as a passing out project. Yep, they did.The students are Okoyenta Augustus,Okeke Chukwuebuka, Ezeani Chikeluba‎, Ofoegbu Kenechukwu, and Igbokwe Ebenezer. (all pictured above). Continue to see more photos...

The car was designed under the supervision of Dr. S C Nwigbo. The project took about a year and six months to complete, with the students working under severe condition in regards to power supply, poor machinery and attending lectures. But they never backed down, and have achieve this incredible feat.‎

Here are photos of the car's exhibition in the presence of the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Ahaneku and other dignitaries from the school.


LUTH Denies Reports That Boy Who Scalp Was Chewed Off By Wild Dogs Is Unstable+ Photo Of Boy After The Incident(Viewer Discretion)

Omonigho with dad pictured yesterday The management of the Lagos State University Teaching, Hospital, Ikeja has denied allegations of abandoning four-year-old Omonigho Abraham, who was attacked by TWO dogs. However, in a swift reaction, Omonigho’s father, Odia, argued that the hospital authorities were lying as the doctors had neglected his son until PUNCH Metro’s report was published. The Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Professor Wale Oke, said the victim was going through a healing process which should not be misconstrued by his relatives that his condition was deteriorating. PUNCH had reported yesterday that Omonigho’s father, Mr. Odia, had expressed anxiety over his son’s condition.
Odia had said Omonigho’s head was giving off an offensive odour, because he had been abandoned by the medical personnel in LASUTH for TWO weeks.
He had also alleged that the hospital was still asking him to buy drugs, which forced him into seeking support from MEMBERS of the public.
But Oke said…

Letter to a hit-and-run driver. RIP Joseph Aidanemhen

A letter written to a hit-and-run driver by the brother of late Joseph Aidanemhen. So sad! Read below
I thought I should take a moment to let you know a little about the 'rising star' you brought to an abrupt end on Monday 27th October, 2014 at 1T4 junction, Ihumundumu road, Ekpoma. His names were Joseph Ighodalo Aidanemhen. He only just turned 20 earlier this year, and also just got admitted to study English at Ambrose Alli University weeks ago. He was the pride of everyone in my family, as he was the last-born thereof. Joseph was an intelligent, ambitious, confident and loving brother, who doubles as a son.
A week or two ago when he got that admission, we (including himself) were all excited and were doing everything possible to give him a solid start, but today, it is a different and opposite feeling altogether for everyone of us. He leaves behind an aged father, mother and the rest of us, whom are struggling to come to terms with his shocking demise. Do you know it was ac…

New Video: PRE - Highgrade

Music video by PRE performing Highgrade. Video was shot in London and directed by Sesan

Mike Tyson I Was Sexually Abused As A Child (video)

Mike Tyson says he was sexually abused as a child ... by a man who snatched him off the street when he was only 7-years-old. 

Tyson visited "Opie Radio" on SiriusXM earlier this week and OPENED up about how an old creepy man he didn't know abducted him and abused him roughly 41 years ago. 

During the interview, Tyson explained ... "[the man] bullied me, sexually abused me and stuff ... snatched me off the street. I was a little kid. Never seen him again."

Mike says he never spoke with police about the incident.  

When asked if he was emotionally scarred -- Mike told Opie he's just not sure.

Rihanna: Furious That Drake’s Crushing On Nicki Minaj? The Truth

Rihanna and Drake dated earlier this year, so we could totally understand why Rihanna would be furious that he’s crushing on Nicki Minaj. But is she really upset? A source revealed the answer to EXCLUSIVELY. Here’s what we know. After TWO failed relationships with Chris Brown, 25, andDrake, 28, Rihanna, 26, is REPORTEDLY “over” men. However, we were curious to know if Rihanna would be okay with the idea of Drake dating Nicki Minaj, 31. After all, the Degrassistar is seriously crushing on Onika! Well, has the EXCLUSIVE details on Rihanna’s true feelings! Rihanna, 26, is a Grammy Award-winning artist, bonafide fashionsta and the ultimate A-list celebrity. But, despite all of this, Rihanna is just like any other 26-year-old woman — she’s tired of men! The star is so fed up with the opposite sex and she seems to be officially over her ex-boyfriends, including Drake! “Rihanna is numb to men at this point. She doesn’t understand them and is rather tired of tryi…

Boy Whose Scalp Was Chewed Off By Dogs In Lagos Worsens, Doctors Abandon Him

The health of the Omonigho Abraham, the little boy whose scalp was devoured by dogs in the Igando area of Lagos is deteriorating. Infact, Punch, who initially broke the story reports that consultants have stopped attending to him, and the wound is not healling. Read below:
It appears the condition of four-year-old Omonigho Abraham, who was attacked by TWO dogs in the Igando area of Lagos State about a month ago, has worsened in the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Ikeja where he is currently receiving treatment.
Reporters learnt from his father, Odia, that Omonigho’s scalp which was torn off by the German shepherd dogs during the gruesome attack, had not healed and had been giving off an offensive odour.
He said this had given the family serious concern.
Odia told our correspondent on Wednesday that attempts to GET the medical report of his condition had also been frustrated by some medical officers in the hospital.
He said,
 “My boy still complains of pains in different parts o…

Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out as gay

Apple Inc CEO, Tim Cook, 53, revealed today October 30th that he is gay. Tim, who became CEO when he succeeded Steve Jobs on August 24th 2011, has never discussed his sexual preference in public before today but said that many of his colleagues knew he was gay.

Tim, who is worth an estimated $500million, came out as gay in an editorial for Bloomberg Business Week, stating: "Let me be clear: I'm proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me". See what he wrote after the cut...

Tim Cook writes for Business Week
Throughout my professional life, I’ve tried to maintain a basic level of privacy. I come from humble roots, and I don’t seek to draw attention to myself. Apple is already one of the most closely watched companies in the world, and I like keeping the focus on our products and the incredible things our customers achieve with them. At the same time, I believe deeply in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, who said: “Life’s most pers…


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General Overseer Caught Pants Down With Wife Of A Military Man And Another Woman

The General Overseer of Maximum Deliverance Church,Pastor John Simon was recently caught in the act of having intimate affairs with the wife of a top military officer that worships in his Church.

When caught, Pastor John Simon did not only had the wife of the officer is his possession but was engaging in twosome sex act with two women. Bubble burst recently when the top military brass who has been suspecting the amorous act between his wife and the randy Pastor laid a siege for him at their usual love nest.

 He detailed some security agents to keep watch at the venue. True to type,on the day of the incident, they allowed the duo to fully get into the act before bursting through the door and caught them red handed.

They were given the beating of their life and photographed as shown in this picture. The Pastor pleaded for the issue to be settled amicably Its yet to be known how the issue would be resolved .


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